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Today I spent seven hours in this glorious building at my university, the Asian Library (yes it’s not a very creative name but that’s okay). The building is comprised of three floors and it’s amazing.

There are books in or about basically any Asian language you can imagine, from the more commonly-studied ones like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to others like Tibetan, Mongolian, and Sanskrit. In total, there are eleven or so languages for which there’s a pretty large collection of books.

Some of the coolest materials I found (a very very short list): 

  • Japanese-Sinhala dictionary 
  • Mongolian-English-Japanese dictionary
  • Mongolian-German-Russian dictionary
  • a Beijing slang dictionary
  • a grammar of Hindi
  • a Chinese film with German subtitles

Basically I’ve decided where I’m gonna live from now on. 

These are my top 10 favorite books of 2015! I can’t believe that the year went by so quickly😁 I’ve read a total of 75 books this year and I’m wishing 2016 another great year of books.


Today being the last day of classes before exams, I decided to go treat myself this afternoon. This involved going to the linguistics section of one of my university libraries and reading for an entire afternoon instead of studying for my finals. 

There was lots of cool stuff, though, so it was totally worth it.


This sad ass white nationalist organization called Identity Evropa is making their way across college campuses in MA and have some chapters across the country. UMass Boston is hands down the most diverse university in the Boston area and much of its students are international. The school is also located in the Dorchester neighborhood where most of the people are Black, Latinx, and are Southeast Asian. The school is also located right across from the JFK Library. Along with that, the school’s chancellor is a POC, J Keith Motley. This sorry excuse for an organization is spreading HATE. Notice how these fliers are next to fliers that promote safety and equality for POC– none of them have anything to do with white people. Please take them down if you see any. THIS IS NEO-NAZI PROPAGANDA.

♥ First Moments w/ Jimin ♥

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Work Count: 1,539

You hadn’t known him for very long. You met him while studying abroad in South Korea for your Asian Studies major. You had gone into the library, books barely falling out of your arms when you accidentally bumped into what seemed like a wall, books finally spilling over. You looked up instead to see a lean, well-dressed figure in front of you. His eyes were soft and alluring, his tan skin practically glowed, and his hair was disheveled.You were immediately embarrassed of course, repeating “I’m sorry,” going back and forth between English and Korean hoping he understood. At first you thought he walked away leaving you with your papers and books sprawled across the floor. But then you felt a presence beside you and his hand accidentally knocked into yours while reaching for your Advanced Korean Language textbook. You looked up from the ground and found his lean body kneeling down, his face close to yours, smiling shyly. His hand slid over yours as he took the books you picked up and stacks it with the ones he picked up himself.

You touched your hand where his fingers had been, wishing he would place them back.

He inspected your Advanced Korean text book. “Do you need help studying?” His voice soft and melodic.

It took your mind a moment to try and figure out what he actually just asked you 1. because you were in awe of how beautiful he was and 2. along with your mind being cloudy with amazement, Korean was obviously not your first language.

“I can help you study,” he restated slowly, hoping you understood. He looked into your eyes then quickly looked back down and smiled sheepishly. Were his cheeks turning red by chance? It made your heart beat faster.

“Umm, yeah! That would be great.” You agreed, smiling, avoiding eye contact.

He guided you over to a table near the back of the room, looking back to make sure you were following him. He laid your books down on the table and waited for you to sit down first.

“I’m (y/n),” you say, finally gaining the courage to speak up and look him in the face. That ethereal face with eyes that felt like they could see right through you.

“(Y/n),” he repeats. Your stomach fluttered while watching his perfect lips shape your name. He saw you staring at them and you quickly looked down at your notebook. You doodled nervously praying he didn’t actually notice you staring.

He smiled and looked down at the text book, flipping through the pages with one hand while combing the other through his hair. “I’m Jimin.”

You both looked at one another, both observing your shared shyness. You finally got to studying and somehow you were actually able to get something out of it.

That’s where your relationship began. You became good friends and at first that’s all you thought you were going to be until a few days ago when he met you after one of your classes ended.

“(Y/n)!” He bellowed excitedly. He took your backpack and books from you, carrying them back to your dorm.

“Jimin, you don’t need to-”

“Will you go…” he interrupted. You both kept walking but you looked at him waiting for him to finish. You saw his cheeks turn red and he tried hiding his face with his free hand. Your heart started racing and you hoped he would finish the sentence. But you couldn’t look at him either. You were too nervous and afraid that he wasn’t actually about to say what you were hoping he would. You didn’t want him to see the look of disappointment on your face if your wish didn’t come true.

“Will you go on a date with me?”

You could finally look at him, your eyes bright. How long it had been for you to finally hear him say those words. But now it was his turn to freak out. He kept his gaze forward, his hands clenched the books in his arms, bracing himself for the possible denial.

You place your fingers over his hand- where his had been the one day he helped you with your books. “I would love to.” You step a little closer to him. “I would love to Jimin-ah.”

He slowed his pace and then halted. His smiled like you’d never seen him smile before. “Really?!” And then he became this ball of excitement, not being able to keep his eyes off of you. That was something you learned about Jimin. He could go from 0-100 in a second. It was one of the reasons you liked him so much. His cute, soft, excitable side was one he kept for those he held close. He didn’t open up in that way so easily so when he did, it made your relationship that much more meaningful.

Now you’re here on your first date with Jimin. Though you’ve known him for quite some time, you are still nervous as ever.

“(Y/n),” his soft voice speaks to you. You are both looking at the menus trying to decide on what to eat.

You look up from the page you are on and see his alluring eyes looking deep into yours. His toothy smile grows and he bashfully looks down. His soft, shy self coming to the forefront.

“What?” you reply, eyes big, half laughing, half wondering if you had done something embarrassing.

“Nothing…” he replies, his smile still plastered on his face. “You just look really pretty,” he said quietly, his eyes scanning the menu, avoiding your gaze.

You feel his fingers slide into the same place they had when he helped you with your books that day, his index finger caressing the back of your hand.

You look back to your menu, blushing.

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about two years ago, I posted something on here like, “my local Asian community is so toxic?? they’re so competitive about SAT scores and college admissions and other shallow benchmarks of superficial success.” the response was overwhelmingly positive, but one person disagreed, so I asked why, and he/she replied, “because our circumstances as immigrants force us to be so cutthroat” and that response basically changed my life.

when I was younger, I didn’t understand that, in a country where Asians are largely emasculated and forgotten, where we hold no meaningful social capital, education is seen as our only pathway towards upward mobility. Because I was born in America, I was privileged enough to feel reassurance that, even if I attended community college, I would still be able to find a stable career. For many years, I seriously considered attending Portland State University–it was inexpensive, it was in my hometown, and I’d interned there once, so I knew I liked the campus. 

multiple friends have asked me, why do you do this? why do you spend so much time on Tumblr, answering people’s questions and agreeing to read application essays, when none of it affects you anymore? 

and I guess the answer is long-winded, but: after I got into MIT, after I was named a National Merit Scholar, I was asked by my local Asian community to give a presentation at the library. I did, and the gist of my speech was, “think outside the box, do what you’re passionate about,” and it stemmed from the irritation I felt in seeing kids being forced into science fairs or piano recitals or whatnot. There was so much bullshit among the high school students, too. The posturing–”Oh, you got a 35 ACT? Well, I got a 36!” The cutthroat elections for meaningless titles that would look nice on resumes. The extra AP or IB classes, just for that GPA boost. It made me sick. There are other means to education (and thus, upward mobility) besides such toxic, elitist standards. So I wanted to use my blog as a platform for a different narrative.  I don’t know if I’ve succeeded, but I’ll always be striving to do better.

I haven’t seen y’all talk about grown-ish but here are my issues

1. The cast is predominantly light-skinned people. With the exception of Trevor jackson, the show is pretty pale and lacks a great deal of diversity as far as skin color goes. Although zoey’s next love interest is dark skinned I still have yet to see a dark skin woman on the screen and I don’t know about you but dark skin women are pretty present on my campus and I go to a PWI

2. If we’re going to keep it honest about college, WHERE ARE THE STUDENTS OF ASIAN DESCENT?!?! Like I understand we’re following a young black girl at college but you mean to tell me there’s not one Asian student in her class? The hallway? The library? If each actor is supposed to represent a trope, then where are the other students? I just wanna know where’s the other half of the student population

3. It’s corny. Despite how big of a premier the show had (yes I watched it and even have it recorded) it’s not groundbreaking. The writers miss the mark half the time when it comes to specific situations. Zoey relying on drugs in the second episode could’ve been a major topic. Vijeck disrespecting his dad could’ve been a topic as well as Aaron’s inns curate art exhibit dedicated to James Baldwin.

All in all I hope the show fixes these things as the season progresses and takes that dive into deeper topics with better representation 🤷🏽‍♀️


Requested by anon: “For the insta edits could i get a Bart Allen and his s/o’s first carnival? Or library date? Maybe with an East Asian s/o?”

I hope you love this anon!! I did the carnival and tried my best with the ethnicity of the s/o. Though it was a bit difficult with trying to find overlapping images with the carnival. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THOUGH LOVE!! ❤️❤️