asians eat rice

A big comforting bowl of congee (rice porridge)- this is what I always reach for when I’m feeling uninspired and don’t know what to make/feeling ill or generally lazy/have no time to whip up something fancier. Also a great life-saver when it’s nearing the end of the week and my fridge is out of fresh veggies!

I simply dump all my ingredients into a rice cooker: dry rice, water (usually a 1:2 or 1:3 rice to water ratio, depending on how thick you want your congee to be), a ton of mixed frozen vegetables and some type of seasoning (either a stock cube or a generous dollop of miso paste; miso is my favourite). You could of course cook this over a stove, but a rice cooker saves you that extra effort on particularly lazy days! Once the congee is cooked, I like to top it with a splash of soy sauce, seaweed and sesame seeds for some protein. 

i think about lardo and chowder’s eating competitions a lot.

I bet lardo can out eat chowder by at least 2 cups of rice, 3 tops.

I bet she has hustled many an athlete into rice eating competitions and wiped the floor with them.

Vegan sushi with green bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes, soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and sesame seeds ✿ tasted sooo amazing! I love the fact that literally every kind of food I used to like can easily be made into a delicious vegan alternative!

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  • Cooked rice noodles (according to package instruction) 
  • bell pepper 
  • asparagus 
  • mushrooms 
  • cilantro 
  • Sauce: 1 tbs soy sauce,1 tbs rice vinegar, ½ tbs sweetener, 1 clove crushed garlic or powder 
  1. sauté bell pepper and asparagus until mostly cooked 
  2. add in mushroom, noodles and sauce 
  3. cook until everything is heated though
  4. stir in cilantro and enjoy