asians are adorable

A boy and his… Fish?

Because EVERY good mage needs a familiar!
What? Fish?? you didn’t see this coming? Where have you been!!

This is the most exciting part that I want to introduce!! Liyu’s loyal familiar! <3
His name is LianHua, a red koi/carp and since he’s magic, he can live without being underwater and just floats around him.

Ohh and lemme tell you, it ain’t easy choosing the right fish for him, knowing what kind of person I am…
But I’m glad he actually got a carp! It suits him and is so Chinese!

The Water Duo

Fun fact:
Did you know Liyu’s name has many meanings?
The first meaning is “to benefit or be beneficial” which suits his purpose in life in the story! no spoilers sorry
The second one is funnier because it also means “carp”, which I think is great because it suits the watery theme, and his familiar IS a carp anyways. If you want to dwell further, carp itself is a symbol of prosperity in Asia.

2nd fun fact:
Did you know LianHua’s name means “lotus”
yep! after the aquatic flower, the symbol of purity (the flower of Buddhism), and one often associated with China

Coincidentally, both names began with the same letter (L), you know which other duo has the same first letter? yep…
You now know my style  LOL