Right wing types: "Video Games and violent movies did this, not guns!" Because Japan and its complete and utter lack of mass shootings don't exist.

Seriously, tho. You think Hollywood movies are violent? 

Try watching a Takashi Miike film sometime.

That’s the funny thing. Your average Hollywood movie is actually, eh, pretty tame. At least compared with the past. Everyone is too obsessed with getting a PG-13 rating. Man, Star Wars has never even had a swear word in like 8 movies.

And the video games point is just absurd.


Asian Americans on average are very financially successful and there’s a common argument called the “Model Minority” that their financial success is due to a combination of being family oriented, and education focused.  But here’s the thing, there are a lot of Asian Americans who are very poor and it wasn’t just plain old hard work that helped other Asian Americans succeed.

@chescaleigh and Lily Du explain!