Looking for a literate role player interested in roleplaying as Gakuto Camui.

You’d be required to make an asianroleplay account.

I currently role-play Hyde on there, but things have gotten stale since most of the role-players there are Koreans. LOL

We can do para or multi-para.

Of course, mature content/yaoi would be involved. I miss writing with someone who does Gackt. So if there are any fangirls willing to write for Gacchan then please send me a message. Here or on AIM.

I’m also open to the idea of having a KAZ, Ju-ken or any members from L’Arc.

I do want to emphasis that I am looking for a seme Gackt.

If you’re interested but want to also write for a submissive character, we can do an additional pairing where I’ll be dominate, etc.

Thank you kindly for you attentiveness.

You can send me a message through AIM as well.

AIM: hydeistxxx