Taiwanese Noodles, Main Signatures of Lon Men’s Noodle House in Berlin

This post would be about Taiwanese noodles I have tried in Lon Men’s Noodle House in Berlin. Whenever I’m in town, I always go to this restaurant, sometimes more than once per trip. The dishes offered were generally varied from dry noodles, noodle soups, dumplings, buns, cold marinated meats, vegetables, or rice dishes. You could choose whatever that suits your taste the best. However, the noodles are must try dishes, either for lunch or dinner, either in the cold or hot season.

The first photo shows a dry minced meat noodle; while the third photo shows a beef noodle soup. There are a lot variants of noodles, and each of them gives you a different combination of taste and sensation. You could also always adjust the spiciness of the dishes, pimp up the spices, in accord with your own taste. Click here to check their famous duck buns and marinated sliced beef.

From Gastroposter Nancy Verches, via Instagram:

Dumplings & Spring Roll - Homemade pawn & shiitake Gyoza and pork & pawn Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino spring roll) w/ side of achara (Filipino pickled green papaya)

很驚人的 #金門 #鍋貼
上面是一層蛋液 煎得微焦
說是鍋貼倒不如說它是 #煎餃
皮Q餡飽滿 還不錯唷

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