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1. Favorite Kpop song at the moment? 

Well at the moment my fav song is Tsukema Tsukeru but thats Jpop.. I guess it’d be Sherlock

2. Last mv you watched

Shady Girl - SISTAR, Hyorin is so beautiful in that mv :3

3. Ultimate girl bias

CL she’s so amazing

4. Favorite color

Red, my bedroom is totally red based keke

5. Brothers or sisters?

Yep an older brother, but he’s at university at the moment so I don’t see him much (but thats good cos we dont really get on)

6. What kpop merch do you have

I have to list all of it? okay, from what I can remember, I have:

  • 4 posters (Gdragon, superjunior, FT island, SHINee
  • 9 CDs (3 FTIsland, CNBlue, 2 SHINee, 2 Super Junior, GDragon)
  • 3 socks (Minho, Key, GDragon)
  • SHINee 2012 calendar
  • FT Island signatures
  • 2 Notebooks (FTIsland and CNBlue)
  • Super Junior stickers
  • GDragon official hoodie
  • GDragon watch
  • 50 FTIsland photo cards

7. Ever been to a concert?

I’ve been to loads of concerts, no kpop ones though :/

8. Favorite OTP’s 

JONGKEY!,GTOP,when i was into super junior i used to ship Yewook, Minkey, Ontae, Yunjae, Jaechun, Yoosu

9. Read or write fan-fiction?

I read it ^w^

10. Last thing you ate

Cheesy Chips :) Ohmygosh it was sooo yummy  keke

11. Last song you listened to

Well I’m listening to a song right now so I guess that counts? its Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols. Yeah,, I’m listening to a sex pistols CD atm keke

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1. Ultimate bias? It changes all the time but as of right now it’s Zelo 

2. What are you currently listening to? JQT - PeeKaBoo

3. Do you believe in love at first sight? No.

4. Least favorite kpop band? I don’t have a least favorite.

5. Who is the prettiest female kpop idol to you? A tie between Park Ga Jin from JQT and Gayoon from 4minute.

6. Handsomest male k-pop idol? All of them. I can’t choose. ;A;

7. First kpop band? DBSK

8. Can you whistle? No.

9. How old are you? I’m 15 years old.

10. Favorite candy? The candy that my Grandpa used to make.

11. Which came first, the L.Joe or the egg? Hmm. Interesting question. It depends on which egg you’re talking about since not all eggs are made at the same time.

1. What year did you start listening to K-pop?2. What was the first K-pop song you listened to?3. Would you risk your life to save a penguin?4. Do you like Coffee?5. Who was your first K-pop bias?6. Do you have any pets?7. What is your favorite animal?8. What would you do if a random Alien came to your house?9. Do you like cheese?10. What is your favorite fruit?11. What is your favorite vegetable?