asiandatingmonthly  asked:

You're totally twisting my words. Just because I said that "Korean girls are hardly submissive," doesn't mean that other Asians have to be. If we can con and woo them into our hands, but it seems to me that as grown women, they should be able to protect themselves through good decision making and judgement. If you read carefully, you'll see that it's clear women have far more power in the dating dynamic. Lastly, I was giving you a compliment, and the polite thing to do is to say, "Thank you"

Are you serious…

You, ‘sir’, are missing the point, the point is that you are objectifying these women, fetishizing them, women like me. We are not some ‘type’, we are not some ‘classification’, we are not some toys or kind of women that should be placed into a box and labled and deemed submissive [which yes, reading your articles you do point out], put on some weird pedestal that you have to scheme and trick to play with…

You even point out that the ideal woman you aim for is beautiful with low self esteem and that you should juggle multiple women and train them..

Women to you are objects yet alone Asian women. 

You don’t see them as having power, you see them as pawns that you can play with.

The only polite thing I have to say to you is to FUCK OFF.