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Back to the old.

Hahah, omg. Heute hatte ich langeweile und saß mal wieder ne’ Weile vor’m Laptop. Erst war ich auf Habbo, dann hab ich mich auf neu angemeldet, danach hab ich mich auch wieder bei asiancy angemeldet. omg BACK TO THE OLD TIMES.

Morgen wird wieder schön Hausaufgaben gemacht und nichts verschoben!

Merk dir das Yeni! Sonst haste wieder Stress.

PeterFever: Spying On The Neighbors

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Data Released: Aug 17, 2015 Michael is a little pervert; all week he keeps staring at the neighbors walking around their house naked. And all I did this week was stare at Michael, thinking about fucking his tight little hole. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore and I’m just going to tell him that we need to fuck. Watch Owen Michaels help Michael Cummings fix his spying problem in The Asiancy S9E15 “Spying on the Neighbors”.

PeterFever: Newfound Independence (Jessie Lee, Coda)

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Data Released: Aug 24, 2015 After all this time waiting for Diego to come back, I realized I had wasted my time. Obviously things had changed. It was time to move on and the first step is to celebrate my independence. I no longer have to hold back, feel guilt, or worry. I am free to fuck whomever I want and Jessie is my first target. I can always count on him for a hard pounding. Celebrate with Jessie Lee & Coda in the season finale, The Asiancy S9E16 “Newfound Independence”.