Kirab Vihara Kwan Yin Bio - Tangerang, Banten ~ Indonesia July 24th 2016 part 1

“ Kirab “ means culture carnival. This was held by a Chinese Vihara, but the “ Kirab “ mixed between Chinese cultures and origin Indonesian cultures. 

1st and 2nd pics : guys and girls marching bands.

3rd pic : the big puppets are “ Ondel-ondel “ - an Indonesian origin culture from Betawi race ( Indonesia has many origin races ). More about “ Ondel-ondel “ :

4th pic : Betawi traditional music instruments parade.

5th pic : The Dragon Dance.

6th : cosplaying of Chinese gods and demigods.

7th and 8th pics : Chinese gods and goddesses statues being held with palanquins.

9th and 10th pics : the guys with yellow and black clothes were doing an extreme magic actions called “ Debus.” More about “ Debus “ :