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My experience with going on stage with Hyuk and Hongbin

So I wanted to tell this, because I feel that I want to share what these wonderful people did with my feelings. I’ll tell you from the beginning so that you people might understand a bit more about how I felt.

That day I weren’t really waaay too excited, I guess I couldn’t understand that I was going to a VIXX concert/showcase in Sweden. It weren’t my first concert and at that time, I weren’t really that kind of person who could stay with one group and I had seen kpop groups a couple of times before so I weren’t really as excited as many others. 

I didn’t fix myself too much, I wore the jeans that I hated the most because all my other jeans weren’t washed and I didn’t wear too much make up either, basically because I were going with my brother. It weren’t really that big of a deal since it’s a showcase and they won’t see me anyway. God how I regretted myself for making that decision.

The start of the showcase were awesome, everyone were so hyped and I was too. It was amazing, but still hard to believe.

But then at one point, N said that he’ll give us a surprise if we answered correctly on one question. I didn’t really focus too much on it since I knew I wouldn’t win anyway. The question was ‘what is this showcase called?’ 

Basically everyone knew the answer. So it weren’t really focused on the ones who answered correctly lol. Well I sat there, just listening.. quietly, because I am a quiet person. Then he suddenly said a number. At that time I really didn’t know what was going on, until he said a number. I looked back at my chair and saw that exact number.

I were shocked, I had no idea what was going to happen. Suddenly, a staff came and told me to come with them. I went with them, nervously. 

Then I first met another staff who started to explain that I’m going up on stage with them. At first, I got a little bit scared because I’m shy and I don’t know what I’m supposed to say if I go up on stage. Luckely, he said that it’s all really fixed, that I don’t really have to do anything, just go with the flow.

So I kept walking and came backstage were I saw the stage which Ravi was standing on. There I saw Leo. Leo didn’t really greet me, I didn’t really greet him either. We were both shy and were kind of standing there beside each other awkwardly, while I also couldn’t stand still because I were so nervous, their manager at that time couldn’t stop laughing at me. Even when a staff came to move something so that he and I had to stand in front of each other while the ‘thing’ had to get through, we still tried to not look at each other xD it was kind of awkward but at one point, just a little bit before he would go up on stage, our eyes met and he greeted me.. really quietly xD (he wore a looot of perfume btw). 

I watched Leo on stage (tbh I’m not sure if he were the one on stage or Ravi, because I were so nervous and happy that day that I forgot a lot D; ) and then suddenly when I look behind me I see Hyuk. Hyuk laughed at me because at the same time that I got scared, I was shocked.

Hyuk said hi to me. He whispered into my ear (because the music were so loud) and asked how old I was. I answered him and we stood there watching each other for a while. He also laughed at me because I was so nervous.

Then suddenly the music stopped and Hyuk asked me to grab his arm in order to get up on stage. I did and we walked on stage. 

The fans were screaming so loudly and I weren’t really conscious, because I couldn’t understand what was happening.  Hongbin also came on stage, but from the other side.

Hongbin and Hyuk kept fighting over me (the performance were supposed to be like that) and I my mind wasn’t really clear because I were so shocked. Hyuk kept telling me to look at him all the time. 

Do you know what happened next?! Hyuk put on some headphones on me and when he was going to remove it, my hair got stuck in it. Do you know how embarrassing that is?!!?

Anyway, everything was happening so fast and then suddenly Hongbin showed his abs. At that time, I weren’t really being able to focus, because at that time… I were looking at Hyuk. So I only got to see a bit of the abs… the disappointment. 

The stage were really lovely because I got to hold hands with both Hongbin and Hyuk, it was really magical.

By the ending, they both sat down on one knee and held a rose in each hand. Do you know how stupid I was? Like I said, my mind were really not clear… I was supposed to choose on of them. What I did was that I thought that they both just gave me flowers and I was like, oh wow flowers and took them both xDD

People thought that it was really funny though and both Hyuk and Hongbin’s expressions were shocked. I didn’t really understand why, but I liked the flowers lol. 

Then I went backstage with Hyuk again, he thanked me and we said goodbye. And the staff accidentally took me the wrong way, so I accidentally saw a couple of the members changing clothes. I don’t remember who though, I were so shocked already. 

I couldn’t remember the rest of the showcase because I were sooo shocked, I could barely breathe. Do you think I got any sleep that night?

It was wonderful, really the best day of my life.. and I’m soooo thankful. Especially to Hyuk, because he really showed me that he likes his fans.

That’s it, I don’t know if anyone is going to read this though xD

Just make sure to always dress yourself nicely before you go to a showcase/concert!!!


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anonymous asked:

Not trying to start drama, but I just wanted to throw this out there, but if Iron Fist were portrayed by an Asian actor, wouldn't that fall under the trope of "the mystical Asian?" I feel like this was a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for the studio. I do agree however that they should have gone in that direction considering the status of the MCU and all.

It honestly would’ve been better than this white man bastardizing someone else’s culture. AA Iron Fist would’ve been perfect because the storyline was about feeling ostracized and being Asian-American would’ve been more appropriate for that since we feel disconnected from our culture.

This would’ve been great in terms of representation since we get an actual Asian lead. Also how is it comparable at all to say an Asian person showcasing their own culture and getting in touch with it is equal to a white man appropriating someone else’s culture in order to become a white savior.

Those are not equal. Yes being stereotyped would be unfortunate but the answer to that isn’t just excluding us entirely from the chance to be the lead and the superhero we never get to be cast as.

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