asian flame

wedding!reddie hc’s



this turned out waaaaaay longer than i expected and its longer than any hc i’ve ever written but i mean cOME ON its a wedding?!?!?!? how does one write shortly about a WEDDING that would be a pretty boring wedding right

this contains some stenbrough too btw!

(planned together with the amazing @remushlupin again, she made the playlist also! 
and my bby @babyeds came up w/ something too <3)


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Open Flames: Part 5

Ok, this is the second part of the mess I made (third part incoming) and I’m screaming and need someone to scream with me please.  My son.  His Fuse.  Ingrid’s Smitelout.  

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Fester

“I have to say this is…elegant.”  The chief hesitates before patting me on the shoulder but I allow it, relaxing slightly with the praise.  I know Aurelia means well and I know she’s been shoving suggestions for how to deal with issues on Berk while I’m gone at me all morning because she’s trying to help, but a little nice goes a long way when I’ve had so little sleep.  


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