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What do you think about Suho from EXO.

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imo out of all of the (12) EXO members he looks like a typical Asian boy the most :p

send me a celebrity!



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uhh well i was put up to this by my friend but yknow if youre still doing ships and all! Im a nearly 5'2 asian-american boy with hazel eyes im pretty sure, and really really dark brown hair. i dont really like talking about myself but i get really excited talking about things i like! i get embarrassed pretty easily and i'm a little impatient when it comes to some things. Im told im a little oblivious but im not 100% sure. im not really sure what my gender preference is but i dont really mind?


Race and privilege has never been an issue with me because I was always surrounded by people like me. Low income Hispanics. Low income Latinos. We could joke about being poor or Mexican because we are all of the same subgroup.
Its not until I came to this school were my race has become an issue. Where I get racist remarks against Mexicans by Asian or white boys because they have have a fixed idea in their mind that all Mexican people look a certain way. That were all dark ugly people with hard to understand accents.
Its not until I came to a school where a boy referee to me as “hey Mexican” when they found out I was. Where I saw a bunch of rich high end white people who laughed in my gender studies class saying “I didn’t know this was a privilege! I thought everyone had this!”
It’s really unlike me to get worked up about this stuff. But it’s tiring being the minority in a place that has a fixed idea of what you should be and always act like you’re exotic and shit when they hear you’re of Latin descent.