asian women are awesome

Black women are awesome
White women are awesome
Hispanic women are awesome
Asian women are awesome
Pacific Islander women are awesome
Christian women are awesome
Muslim women are awesome
Atheist women are awesome
Buddhist women are awesome
JEWISH women are awesome (they seem to get left out a lot)
Hindu women are awesome
Abled women are awesome
Disabled women are awesome
Gay women are awesome
Straight women are awesome
Bi women are awesome
Ace women are awesome
Aromantic women are awesome
Pan women are awesome
Polysexual/amorous women are awesome
Trans women are awesome
Cis women are awesome

Women are friggin’ awesome

anonymous asked:

Hi, would you mind elaborating a little more on Into the Badlands ? What's it about, what are the main themes and why do you personally recommend it ? Thank you ! Hope you're having a good evening ! 😊

OK so Into the Badlands is a martial arts post-apocalyptic series with wuxia influences. I should stress the post-apocalyptic nature of the show doesn’t make it super bleak like The Walking Dead. It’s more of a springboard in order to create neat action sequences, sets, and costumes.

Overall it’s a fun show, but it also has some great elements including:

  • The two main leads being POC
  • Sunny’s love interest being a black woman, which is really special because interracial relationships in media often have one half of the couple being white
    • Sunny is allowed to be intimate with her + he’s also allowed to have had past relationships with other women, a.k.a. an Asian man who isn’t desexualized?? amazing
  • A really awesome character whose disability doesn’t define him and who quietly sets in motion a lot of the plot. He is also Sunny’s mentor.
  • Some really kickass female characters; they do take a couple eps to really emerge, but they’re each complex and ambitious characters
  • Absolutely stunning choreography. Ku Huen-chiu is the fight choreographer, and his repertoire in the West includes Kill Bill 1 & 2 and the final Matrix film
  • They’ve talked about filming the same way Hong Kong martial arts films do and it shows; the fight scenes have very few cuts and they’re each 2-3 minutes long. Daniel Wu is a trained martial artist so there’s just a lot more they can do with the sequences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to if they had to sub in stunt doubles.
  • Behind the scenes, Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu are both executive producers. Both are huge names in Hong Kong, so it’s just nice knowing this seeing as they’re pulling so much inspiration from such a classic Chinese genre
  • A gorgeous color palette. Nothing is washed out; the scenes are vibrant and rich, and color plays a significant role in terms of symbolism as well.

Honestly, I could go on forever. It’s not a perfect show by any means, but it’s got amazing potential and as far as what’s on available on television right now, it’s absolutely near the top.

Your dad was into Asian women before you were and your diversified gene pool is proof of it. He lusted after those hot lady lotus flowers and they haunted his dreams while he cold sweated yellow fever each night. Then, late one evening after ingesting copious amounts of firewater he met her, your Far East mom. With the courage juice in full effect, he asked her out.  This photo was snapped shortly after her fearful response of yes.

So hipsters, next time you’re manhandling yourself to a photo a Karen O. while listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, remember this…

Your dad is the white rice in your mom’s stir-fry.

Big thanks to Shane for today’s photo