asian what where

The night is dark and full of terror ! Melisandre of Asshai commission for @histruequeen ♦♦♦

every hollywood east asian role
  • old martial arts teacher with grey beard
  • dragon lady femme fatale with bladed chopsticks in hair, probably dies at the end
  • feisty action girl with black hair and a strand of another colour for edginess
  • north korean spy
  • subordinate woman/schoolgirl
  • funny asian guy with funny accent which is played for laughs
  • chinese soldier #56
  • male love interest lol just kidding 

I’m not gonna lie, as an Asian american, I highkey hate seeing racebending aus where japanese anime characters get headcanoned into dark-skinned but not Asian poc just bc some of u ppl subconsciously think light-skinned Asians are basically white

Newsflash, ur not being progressive or diverse, ur just being anti-Asian

I get it, we’re all hungry for representation but man, can u find some other way to bring diversity into anime other than erasing the japanese out of the characters, like that’s just not okay

this does not apply to headcanoning anime characters as mixed - that one’s great


You get that? Not just Black Americans. Not just White. Children are dying everywhere. Mexico barely got any coverage. A few minutes after the death of Michael Brown everyone was aware of it yet if one person didn’t raise any more awareness we were suddenly agreeing with Darren Wilson. Where are you today? What have you been doing for North Korea that has secret concentration camps? Where were you when The earthquakes hit Pakistan? Everyone was raising so much awareness for Haiti and rushing to help them but where where you when Pakistan had Earthquakes? Where were you when Pakistan had a massive flood and millions of people died from disease? The only help I saw was from other Pakistanis in other nations. It looks like we’re all alone if we aren’t American or white? If all black lives do matter why are kids in Africa still dying? Do black lives not matter when they’re not from a first world country? When you bash the all lives matter because white people have too much privilege are we ignoring the white people kicked out of their houses for having a disabilities or not being cis and straight? Australia got nowhere near as much attention as America. Was it because they were white? The #ILLRIDEWITHYOU campaign, was it only for Muslims who aren’t living in a third world country? WHERE ARE YOU TODAY? WHERE ARE YOU WHEN A NATION ASIDE FROM NORTH AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK? When you bash people who are trying to say all lives matter Black lives matter more because they are more oppressed, you are as ignorant as any other racist. Other races, other religions, other nations matter. And if it’s not in North America then IT DOES NOT LESSEN THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PEOPLE. Social Justice has disappointed me. WHERE ARE YOU NOW WHEN WE NEED YOU?