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1st prize = 5,000php gift certificate
2nd prize = 1,500php gift certificate
3rd prize = 1,000php gift certificate

In order to qualify, you have to do any of the following:
1. Follow Asianvogue in Tumblr. - +1 entry
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Total of 20 entries :)

Email your complete name including all the entries you’ve done, your facebook/multiply/tumblr/twitter account’s username/link and blog url/link where you placed our badge or blogged about Asianvogue.

Send it to with the subject “3RD ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY”.

-Post/Tweets/Reblogs done before May 4 is not qualified.
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-Giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only.
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Giveaway will end on May 31 and winners will be chosen via

Jessa is a super girl's first giveaway! (CLOSED)

The reason behind the giveaway? I have reached 1,000+ followers (I know! I’m a late bloomer compared to others, heehee!). :) I’m thankful not only because I have reached 1k followers, but because of the friendships I have made through this blog and in the whole Tumblr community! It’s time to give back what I owe to all my followers! :)

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Here are the prizes:

Bracelet and necklace from Trinkets Royale Manila.

Two feather earrings from MARiS.

Purple floral chiffon dress and blouse with ¾ sleeves and unique silver rose vine ring from RP Online Shop.

P1,000 gift certificate from Asian Vogue.

Green shoulder-padded blouse from Shop Dainty.

Hand-painted ribbon with floral design bag by H.E.A.R.T by artistic-dreams!

Contest runs until July 15, 2011. 3 winners will be chosen via Also, please enable your Tumblr Ask so I can notify you if you were chosen as one of the winners. Thank you so much! Good luck, everyone! :)

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As promised, here’s our 2nd Shopping Spree Giveaway! =)

Win 5,000php gift certificate from Asianvogue!

In order to qualify, you have to do any of the following:
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Send to with the subject “SHOPPING SPREE GIVEAWAY II”.

-Post/Tweets/Reblogs done before January 15 is not qualified.
-If your account is set to private, please attach a screenshot.
-Giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only.
-All entries are subject to verification.

Giveaway will end on January 31 and winners will be chosen via

mustard and floral

Mustard blazer from China, top from I forgot where, floral shorts from department store, wedges from Asian Vogue, and necklace from Quirkypedia.

(Hype this look on Lookbook here.)

Fell in love with the mustard blazer when I first saw them in one of the stores in China. It’s amazing that I was able to find a shop wherein they all sell clothes for only 39 Yuan (which is P240 if converted). How cheap is that? I totally did hoard their items :) Haha! If there’s anything I miss in China, it would be their shopping malls. They totally have everything in there! :)

Tried a little different post-processing technique in these photos! For those who are asking, I still got this idea from Chai Mungcal’s tutorial site (hi, Chai!) as well as my other techniques used in my other photos.

Photos by KC Ang


Thrifted peter pan collar jacket, Old Navy pink shirt, bazaar shorts, and Asian Vogue wedges.

(Hype this look on Lookbook here.)

Believe it or not, I had this belt since I was 3 years old or something. I have yet to scan some of my baby pictures wearing this! It’s a good thing I was able to keep it because this has sentimental value. :)

I’m also loving this peter pan collar jacket! It definitely works as a cover up and not a jacket for cold weather. I’m still a sucker for lace and anything light orange, peach, and white. I guess you can say that I’m still not over the SS 2011 fashion.

Thank you again to Angel of Asian Vogue for my favorite shoes! It was love at first sight. <3

On an unrelated note, another closet sale soon!

Red orange and Grey

Grey top from Forever 21, skirt from Kids of Bayo, orange ribbon clip from SOA, no brand necklace, bag from department store, and shoes from Asian Vogue.

This is what happens when you’re broke: you try to be resourceful with your accessories and clothes!  Aside from my DIY clothes, I also repeat my limited number of accessories and I tweak them a bit sometimes. Since I don’t own any ribbon necklace (which is surprisingly a fact), I sometimes pin my ribbon clips in my necklaces to “excessorize” an outfit. Heehee! Try it! 

Not uploading this on Lookbook because this just looks the same as some of my Lookbook posts :)

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Jariss Wears: AsianFashionLine 2/3

This is the second installment of my AsianFashionLine loot. See the first one here. It’s another dress I got from the shop owned by Miss Sheila, who says she knew I just had to have the 3 dresses from her on-hand items because they were so me. This one’s knitted and really flattering according to my friend who borrowed it for a shoot. (The background’s a vacant lot in front of my house that was turned into a community garden. It’s under the hands of the next door neighbor. Cooool!)

Dress is from AsianFashionLine | Shoes are from Asian Vogue | Ring is from Forever 21

I’d like to share the pretty ring I got from my equally pretty friend Reg. It’s from her Forever 21 package from the US and she had this in 2 other colors. She gave me the silver one, she kept the gold and the black. Thanks again, Reg!

Asian fashion is slowly growing on me. I hear that most of the rings I have come from Asian countries. They’re trendy, they’re affordable and they’re comfortable– what’s not to like? :)

P.S. My blog giveaway is officially over. If you didn’t get an e-mail from me, it means you have to wait for my other giveaways and I promise you, there will be more! The winners have already been advised. Thanks for joining! :)

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charleneajose x Asian Vogue

Asianvogue Shop is owned and managed by Angel del Rosario. The shop was established May of 2009 and was named Asian Vogue because their products are mostly fashion apparels, foot wears and bags from Asia. Asian Vogue is a Philippine based online fashion boutique retailer that carries a huge selection of the newest Asian Fashion from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Asian Vogue aims to provide quality fashion with affordable prices. (Source)

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Inspired Platforms courtesy of Asian Vogue

Luxury items are called “luxury” for a reason. They are beautiful on their own, and most of the time, they are unreachable, especially to average people with average incomes. But fret no more, because an online shop just made “luxury” a little bit within reach. Asian Vogue is a Philippine based online shop that focuses on Asian fashion imported from all over Asia. They offer quality and top of the line pieces that won’t break your wallet. They also offer designer inspired items from clothing, to bags and of course, shoes. Asian Vogue makes sure that their product listing is always up to date with the latest fashion trend, so you will never be left behind. They also offer great discounts for bulk orders, and offer free local shipping when you buy two items or more.

Browsing through their catalog is a very pleasant experience. The website is well organized and you can find everything you need in the sidebar. What I love the best about Asian Vogue is that they have an “actual photos” album. It is always a great concern for shoppers to see whether the photo presented in the product listing will look like the item that they would be purchasing, and Asian Vogue gives their shoppers that kind of assurance. They also have a size chart which is also very helpful because Asian shoe sizes usually run a bit small (and you wouldn’t want to order the wrong shoe size!) Asian Vogue is very honest and will tell you up front what the item is like and what it really looks like. We had a bit of trouble during shipping though (an event where I got two left pairs and one in the wrong shoe size) but they were very apologetic and resolved the problem right away. I’d like to think the confusion happened because of the overwhelming number of orders they receive everyday! haha!

Asian Vogue was also very kind to send me a pair of shoes. These Jeffrey Campbell Foxy inspired platforms retail for 1,540php and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Its heels are made of plastic versus the wooden heel in the real ones, but it makes the shoe lighter and walking in them comfortable. And comfortable they are! I broke them in at home and walked and stood and even ran in them and worn them for six hours straight - and my feet didn’t hurt once. Plus they do look a lot like the real thing. Told you “luxury” is now within reach. *wink*

Thank you Asian Vogue! Be sure to visit them on their Main Shop and on Facebook. :)

Oh and of course, I can never forget about my wonderful followers! Another giveaway will be on its way soon you guys! Keep posted! :D

Photos by: Therese Buenconsejo / Modeling and Post processing Charlene Ajose  Kameraworcs Photography


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Top from Trendphile, shorts from Miss Veronica, necklace from Personalized Accessories, and booties from Asian Vogue.

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My top was a bit too long, so I tucked the front in, showing the buttons of my favorite shorts, and left the back long. It makes the outfit look laid back yet elegant in a way! I also love the soft drapes it makes too!

Thank you, Trendphile, for sending me this top!

External image

Also added the peter pan collar necklace sent by Personalized Accessories but styled it differently this time! I wondered that I might have been bombarding this blog with so much peter pan collared dresses/tops, so I *tried* to wear it in a different way!

Don’t you also love the collar tips? I was wondering if they are transferrable! :p Hahaha!

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External image

External image

External image

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MyStyle: Thinking Pink

I don’t know how to describe my outfit, what do you think? Anyway this is what I wore to the 3rd party of Meg Up & Coming series: University IT Girls last last last Friday. 

I started my outfit with this barbie pink one piece skort from Pepz Online Shop 

My skort looks so plain so I decided to wore this cute butterfly bib-like necklace also from Pepz Online Shop ♥

Ring from Forever21; gray studded bag

Last but most definitely not least, my NEW baby from Asian Vogue. This pair is the cutest loafers noh? ♥♥♥ Well in my own opinion it is! 

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xx, April ♥

Shoot you with my laser

Hype this look “Shoot you with my laser” on! Please hit that “fan” button too! <3

Lace dress used as top - courtesy of The Look 4 Less | Shorts - Folded and Hung | Shoes - courtesy of Asian Vogue | Feather Necklace - Paperdollshoppe (Inquire for price) | Animal printed bracelet - courtesy of Peacock and Stripes

This was what I wore earlier when I went out with the family. This is another one of my lazy, unplanned outfits because I have been feeling down lately. I have had chills and colds since last night, but since going out with my family is a rarity nowadays, I decided to get out of bed and fix myself. Family is still family. You have to be there for them, always :)

Anyway, I titled this post “Shoot you with my laser” because we went to Eton Centris today for dinner and then played laser tag after! I actually played laser tag with my friends yesterday too, and I must tell you. Playing laser tag for two consecutive days is torture. My body is aching so much right now, but I had so much fun that the pain doesn’t even matter one bit. I will blog about that soon! :)

Click on read more to see the rest of the entry :)

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Hello. I am once again shoe lusting.

Kyoto Twins from Anthology. Because they look extra comfy and good for lazy days. And them being sorta different from each other is just oh-so-adorable :)

External image

Tokyo flats from Anthology. (I think I already posted this shoe on the last shoe last post, but I still haven’t gotten over it so yeah! haha.)

External image

From Asian Vogue. Although this would make me taller than most people I know and they’d hate me for it. Haha. (I think this would be the first one I’d want to have most in the list)

External image


External image

Again, from Asian Vogue. I am a really big fan of ribbons and bows so this would definitely be a must have for me. (but I’m really stripped off of cash. i’m a very poor kid. haha)

External image

Still from that online site Asian Vogue! This platforms makes me wanna walk around and jump. Looks really comfy despite the plus inches. :)


(clicking the photos would link you to where I got the shots and where you could get them).


all photos © APRIL IBAÑEZ (camera used: LULU

Hello lovelies! 

Today is the first day of September, and the start of BER-MONTHS!!! For Filipinos, September is the start of Christmas season. Woo!

And because of that, Here’s my 2nd NEW baby from ASIAN VOGUE SHOP. 

My black-chunky-wedges with criss-sross chiffon wrapped straps. 

Can you guess how high this pair is?

6"(+) covered wedge & 1 ¾ platfform

I am so excited to wear this new baby and my other BABY :)

Whilst other fashion trends become increasingly unsuitable, SHOES ARE AGELESS! 

Shop Alert: Asian Vogue

If you’ve been dreaming of ACNE boots that go as high as Php30,000 a pair and if Php6,000 Jeffrey Campbells are still out of your budget, you can still rock those 5-inched platforms and keep up with street fashion. Asian Vogue makes it possible for us to review our Eastern roots especially with the emerging K-Pop/J-pop inclinations. The woman behind the successful online shop is Miss Angel Del Rosario and she explains how things work around her side of the web.

A short fashion history

I’m deeply fascinated with fashion ever since I was young. Seeing my mom run her tailoring shop increased my interest. The stores in the mall never fed me with the unique items that I was craving for. Seeing the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese dress up made me fancy to open a shop that carries their fashion. I want every Filipina to dare to make a statement when it comes to dressing up that’s why I created Asian Vogue.

About the shop

Asian Vogue has been a go-to shop for fierce shoes by most fashion bloggers. It’s well-trusted because of the reasonable prices and extremely wide range of products. When you reach Asian Vogue’s site, it’s hard not to browse through ALL of the albums so you better have a lot of time in your hands. If browsing is hard, imagine how hard it is to actually decide on which ones to get. Be prepared for hours of bargaining with yourself, “They’re so different, this one is synthetic leather, this one is suede!” *laughs*

The shop was named Asian Vogue because our products are mostly fashion apparels, footwears and bags from Asia. Our apparels/bags range from Php500-2,000 and our shoes range from Php700-3,000. We have 2 sets of pre-order per month and the arrival of items is after 2-4 weeks. Our wedge shoes are the best sellers. We aim in providing quality fashion with affordable price. Our target market are teens and women aged 20’s to 30’s who simply loves the Asian Fashion.

About the seller

A modern day superwoman runs this almost 2-year online business. She single-handedly runs her online retail. I believe her communication skills is one of the keys to her success. She keeps track of her clients’ outfit posts and encourages them to come back by giving discounts. She also sponsors blog giveaways such as the one I have for my birthday month.

Asian Vogue is owned and managed by Angel del Rosario, nursing graduate who practices web and graphic design and later on entered entrepreneurship; A computer geek who used to own a well-known doll/graphic site and a Friendster layout/tutorial site; A young mom who loves fashion, shopping and money-making online.

They have cosmetics, bags, apparels, footwear– it’s a mall at the comfort of your home. And guess what, there’s a clearance sale too! Next time you’re looking for pieces that will make you stand out, don’t bother hitting the malls because everything you need is already here in Asian Vogue.

Asian Vogue may be found here and here. Here’s the review I did for their suede wedges.

Get a chance to win 1 of 2 Php1000 worth of Asian Vogue items by joining my blog giveaway. :)

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