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I'm not like... hating... or something. just littlebit disappointed about gay sulu. they could do better. AOS is already very different from original world. why not create new LGBT character for new world? or make other character gay? why they want to connect TOS actor to AOS character? i loved it when i thought it's in memory of takei. but what's the point of memorial if the person-takei- doesn't like it.

1) AOS and TOS characters aren’t the same, but they’re more the same than any two characters existing within the same timeline would be. For example, the two Spocks are closer than, say, AOS Kirk and Spock are to each other. They still share common traits even if variation is allowed.

2) They made Sulu canonically gay for the very REASON that he’s an established character. He’s an iconic protagonist, he has a cultural relevance/impact beyond just the reboot films, and he matters to a lot of different people from a vast range of age groups as it is. Furthermore, he’s one of the main bridge crew members. You can’t just pretend he doesn’t exist after the one movie he’s in, which is likely what would happen with a new character. 

3) Making a person of color (specifically an Asian man) canonically gay is a bigger political statement than you think. Asian men in the media are constantly subject to stereotypes about sexual and romantic inadequacy, often filling out sidekick roles for their “heroic protagonist” white peers who always get the relationship in the end. By making Sulu have a husband and a daughter, it’s clear that he’s not inadequate or a sexual/romantic joke to anyone. He can have a significant other and a family, just as white characters are “allowed” to in literally anything ever. I can’t even name a canonically gay Asian person on television, let alone in a franchise with as much influence as Star Trek. This is an account of intersectional representation, which makes it even better. 

4) Making it a new character would provide opportunities for tokenization. Sulu has an established character/personality beyond his orientation, which diverts the possibility of tokenization or queer-coded villains that may come with a completely new character. That’s how it should be with all gay characters, but unfortunately, it rarely ever works out that way. 

5) George is entitled to his opinion, but I think he’s seeing this from the perspective of an older gay man—one who remained in the closet for the majority of his life—and ignoring the fact that to younger fans, this means representation in an area that it’s been severely lacking in. I can see where he’s coming from, but he needs to understand that this is in no way saying that Sulu was in the closet this whole time. It’s just that the topic never came up until they were on a prolonged away mission and he found himself missing his husband and daughter. 

6) George’s sudden cries of “TOS Sulu is straight!” come from a really strange place because it was…really never confirmed that was the case. Not only does that squash a lot of fans’ completely valid interpretations of TOS Sulu not being straight by him saying that, it’s giving homophobes the chance to say “see??? George Takei agrees with us! AOS Sulu can’t be gay!!!!!!!” and that makes things a whole lot worse, regardless of George’s intent.

7) At the end of the day, George doesn’t own the character. No one does, because there are multiple versions of Sulu now. Sure, the original intent may have been to honor George, but that was NEVER the entire reason for making Sulu gay. And…I honestly think George’s complaints have more to do with his dislike for the reboots than anything else. It’s a shame that he doesn’t approve, but AOS Sulu is gay, and life goes on.