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혼례복 (Bridal Wear) - MyWedding February 2016

Photo: 및 캘리그래피 김보하 

Model: 지이수, 박세진 

Hanbok: 바이단, 박경숙한복, 비단빔, 숙현한복, 우리옷 가비, 우리옷 황후, 윤의한복, 진주상단, 청담채 한복, 한국의상 은유, & 한복 린 

Hair & Makeup: 애브뉴준오(헤어 희린, 메이크업 고진영)


One hundred seeds: That’s the number Minara Begum needs to plant in her Detroit backyard in order to grow enough vegetables such as squash, taro root and amaranth greens to feed her family for the year.

She learned to cook and garden at a young age in Bangladesh. In the two years since she moved to the U.S., she’s grown traditional South Asian crops to feed her family — and whoever visits — on any given day. For Begum, this is a way of life. But through Bandhu Gardens, in Detroit, Begum and her neighbors are able to leverage their culinary skills into an entrepreneurial venture.

Bandhu Gardens sells surplus vegetables that are grown in the backyards of about six families to a handful of popular area restaurants. Last year they sold 120 pounds of greens, beans and peppers and 25 pounds of squash to restaurant accounts.

This Garden Connects Bangladeshi Women With Restaurants — And Each Other

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Miller

Promotional poster for 도리화가  “The Sound of a Flower” 

Suzy as Chae-Sun, Korea’s first female pansori singer