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Thank you SO much for addressing the problems with Asian fetishism. I’m mixed Asian and I have to deal with that crap all the time. People think that because it’s “positive” attention instead of screaming slurs or something it isn’t racism. It is. It’s bad. It doesn’t feel good to be on the receiving end of it. Every time I figure out I’m dealing with an Asian fetishist I feel stripped of my individual identity by them.

There is no Asian “look” and there is no “Asian” culture. “Asia” covers a vast, diverse continent full of different, unique cultures. Even “East Asia” which is what most of these people are referring to encompasses cultures, languages, customs, cuisines and people that are completely different. 

For example, my family is Japanese but we are native Okinawan Japanese. Our language is different, our food is different, our traditional dress is different. Our skin is dark and our noses are wide. We look much more like SE Asian peoples than mainland Japanese. Native Okinawan people have been traditionally matriarchal and historically looked down upon by mainland Japanese. But to Asian fetishists we are all one kind of person. In their heads, they make assumptions about our look and culture and backgrounds and broadbrush all of us under the “Asian” umbrella. They strip us of our unique cultural backgrounds and identities as fleshed-out human beings with individual personalities, interests, talents, etc.

I’m not a member of an Asian student org on campus because the Japanese student association was all white people hosting “matsuris” and cosplay competitions (real issues amirite) but my friends who are in Taiwanese and Korean and Vietnamese student clubs all have stories of non-Asian guys joining and generally being creeps towards the girls to the point where they don’t even feel safe in their own cultural org. It’s terrible. 

And while they don’t like to admit it, Asian fetishists usually have some stereotypical idea of a soft-spoken, subservient partner in mind. Girls I know who have dated these guys have found that out pretty quickly. Some have even been subject to abuse by a partner due to this brand of thinking.

So to any person who claims to have a “preference” for Asians, ask yourself:

Why Asians? What do you think is “Asian culture”? What do you think is the “Asian look”? Then realize that if you think any such thing exists, you have some problematic and unrealistic stereotypes in your head.