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I don’t have much new stuff to post, so here are some character refs from my personal projects. Swordsman is a wholesome boi who likes grape juice. 


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hey hey for the character/palette thing, i'd love to see eponine in #92 and cosette in #128, and if you'd like to i'd love to see them in 19th book era clothes or hair or w/e (if you want :P ) otherwise just whatever u wanna do!!

Again, anon, why not both? 
Thanks for asking (I kind of went overboard on the sadness train with both tbh)

Chin State- Myanmar

Chin State, in north-western Myanmar, is an incredibly mountainous region, with an average elevation of 5000 - 8000 feet. Its highest peak is Mt Victoria, which rises to 10,017 feet. The Chin people do not have first, middle, or last names, but one name which may reflect the achievements of their grandparents, or the grandparents wishes for the childs future. The naming of children in this region is of great importance. 

Two Asian-American students were assaulted in Arizona for speaking Mandarin

Two Asian-American students at Arizona State University were on their way home Saturday when 22-year-old suspect, Kalie Rutledge, allegedly yelled, “I don’t speak Chinese” and told the two to shut up. Rutledge then followed them off the train to physically attack them. Justice may be coming for the students.


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HOW COULD I FORGET about the plot bunny that’s been stalking me involving Robin Hood-esque powerful crime boss Viktor and investigative reporter Yuuri working together to expose the systematic discrimination and government corruption within the fictional Euro-Asian fusion city-state where they live and, at several points within the story, having life- and loyalty-altering sex against the all-glass wall of Visitor’s penthouse bedroom

Hey there fam!

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So its admin kyu here, how are you all doing? School, university and working life treating you good? Hope your health is amazing and you are enjoying your day or evening.

Now we all know when this type of thing pops up its something bad, well sorta. Sigh so lets dive right in shall we. So as you all know, myself, M and illi are your admins and we try our best to make you all happy.

Recently there has been a lot of criticism about us making every reader or every moodboard/text reader Asian, and like we stated before, this is because we are talking about ASIAN idols. I know there might be like 1 in 100 chance your fav idol marries or dates someone out of the racial district, but one can only wish.

Now why am i bringing this up? Because we got a message where a follower pointed out that in one of the request, we said the reader had ‘pale skin’ but this requester was black or reader at the time. GUYS WE CAN NOT READ YOUR MIND ! If you want the reader to have a specific skin tone or race, TELL US!

We are not power rangers or wizards or whatever other magical powerful being out there. We are people who run a blog to make you happy. These type of comments have been coming in and to be honest, its really heartsore to see them because most are pointed towards M. She feels horrible and makes us feel horrible because we hate seeing her that way. SHE IS AMAZING AT WRITING AND I AM SURE YOU CAN ALL AGREE!

I hate seeing my hyungs (yeah I know they girls but lol I’m evil like that) getting upset over these things. So please be more specific in your requests so we can make you happy and stop making you all feel like we are racist or something because we really ain’t.

Now that all that negativity is out the way, please enjoy our works and give us lost of love and support because we love every single one of you. Ever need a chat, don’t fell scared to message us because we love talking to you. LOVE YOU ALL!


#100Days100Women Day 92: Wu Zetian was the only Empress Regnant of China in its 4,000 year history. Wu was born into a wealthy family, but additionally her father encouraged her to read and become highly educated. Wu worked her way up through the royal court to become empress-consort, empress dowager and finally rule in her own right as empress regnant. Much has been written about her cruel and murderous ways, but as with Livia, it’s difficult to separate what is true from what is Cautionary Tale of Bad Woman. It is a fact that she ordered political rivals executed & had spies and secret police (though repugnant our democratic sensibilities, this is common practice in history’s empires) but the salacious tales of infanticide and sexual depravity could very well be highly embellished. 
What is known is that in a highly patriarchal society, she managed to peacefully and gainfully rule for decades. She prepared the country for her rule by improving the reputation of her maternal line and ordering biographies written of famous women. She elevated Buddhism above Confucianism and built Buddhist shrines (the faces of these Buddhas are said to resemble hers). She finally, under pressure, gave up the throne at age 80, shortly before her death. Her reign is remembered as a high point, even by hostile biographers and historians.


I got bored and I thought, why not. I always wanted to make one of these. Hope you enjoy. Drag and let me know what you got in the hashtags? 

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Turkey's borders are clear. There is no Kurdistan in Turkey. Diyerbakır is one of the Turkey's cities. We want to live together peacefully. Doesn't matter Kurd or Turk.

If borders were actually based on the populations they contain, the world would be a much better place. Turkey’s borders (and the Middle-East’s in general) are artificial and harmful. When the borders established by the Sykes-Picot treaty and the 1924 Treaty of Lausanne finally dissolve, you can be sure I will organise a party.

As of now, there are between 31 and 39 million of Kurds in the world. More than 20% of Turkish citizens are actually ethnic Kurds. They share a common language, common identity, cultural practices, history and have demonstrated again and again, throughout centuries and in every internationally recognised country they live in, that they want the right of self-determination. In other words, they have a consistent identity and strong claim. Centuries of Ottoman-forced assimilation, genocides or arabisation like Saddam and Assad sr. & jr. put in place, did not change that. The more you try to destroy an identity, the more people actually identify as such (i.e. Palestinians).

By the way, the right of nations to self-determination appears in the founding charter of the UN, whom I remind you, Turkey has signed.

Another point I would like to rant on, is the concept of countries. Countries are social constructs which change through space and time. It’s not because 2016 maps do not include Kurdistan that it will never happen (and it has already happened in the past). New countries and national identities constantly appear and old ones die. Constantly. Take a look at the world. The newest country is currently South Sudan (2011), that was five years ago. Following the fall of communism (1991), dozens of new countries appeared (i.e. Baltic, Caucasian and Central Asian states). The same thing happened after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. In Europe, the newest one is Kosovo (2008), not even ten year old. Hell, two different countries can actually join (i.e. West and East Germany reunification, unification of North and South Yemen). The European Union, albeit not a country nor a federation, is another new form of territorial organisation; the process is still going on. “Indian reservations” in the US are recognised as “domestic dependent nations”, aka countries within countries. Borders constantly change. To be short, your concept of countries is too rigid and does not correspond to reality.

Your pretense of "I don’t see Kurds and Turks” is the equivalent of sweeping dust under the carpet. The “Turkish identity” has and is being forced upon non-ethnic Turks in Turkey, may they be Kurds, Armenians or Assyrians. Only Greeks, Jews and Armenians are recognised in the Turkish constitution as minorities (there are dozens of ethnic/religious minorities in Turkey). You have 20% of your population that isn’t even officially recognised. Also, “turkishness” is being constantly forced upon Kurds through every institution of the state. I won’t get into details about all the genocidal and forced assimilation tentatives of the Turks against the Kurds, because honestly it would be too long.

I’ll just remind you that currently, Erdogan and his government, are closing down Kurdish cultural organisations, Kurdish newspapers, Kurdish TV and radio stations at home and abroad and Kurdish associations of any kind. Kurds who speak against the current purges are systematically arrested and tortured (good ol’ methods of the 80′s), then designated as terrorists conspiring against the state and thrown in prison. Google ‘Deniz Naki’, a Kurdish footballer who has just been indicted on ‘terrorist propaganda’ charges for sharing posts about the destruction of Kurdish cities and the death of civilians and militants on social media. 

Wow, you really are one? The Turkish state really wants peace? Will they prosecute those responsible for the Cizre basement massacres (civilian shelters deliberately set on fire by Turkish troops, with women and children inside), instead of protecting them? In your personal reality, maybe. So stop sweeping the dust under the carpet and maybe do something for the Kurds in Turkey, since you all want to live peacefully together.

P.S. Diyarbakir (Kurdish: Amed) is over three millennia old and has successively been under Semitic, Aramean, Assyrian, Urartu, Armenian, Persian (Achaemenids), Medes, Hellenistic (Seleucids), Parthian, “Corduenean”, Roman, Byzantine, Persian (Sassanids), Arab (Umayyads, Abbasids, Hamdanids, Buyids, Marwanids and others), Turkish (Seljuks), Turkmen (Artuqids), Kurdish (Ayyubids), Mongol (Ilkhanate), Turkish (Seljuks of Rum), Turkmen (various federations), Persian (Safavids), Turkish (Ottomans) control. Now it is under the control of the Turkish Republic. This list and its order are obviously approximative. Just to show you how demographics change. Nowadays, more than 70% of the population is estimated to be Kurdish.