asian short clawed otters

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Name of muse: Lapis Lazuli

Two headcanons that you have about your muse you never told anyone: 

Lapis’ favorite breeds of otters are the Asian Short-Claw otter and the North American river otter. She loves how small and adorable the Asian Short-Claws are, and the North American river otter was the first one she read about. Not that she doesn’t like the other kinds of otter in the world. Those two are just her favorites.

She doesn’t shapeshift often, but when she does it’s usually just for fun.

Three things your muse likes doing in their free time:

Reading, flying, and playing with her otters.

Seven people your muse loves:

1. Black Star Diopside

2. Steven  

3. Peridot

4. Greg

5. Connie

6. Grizz

7. Emerald

Two phobias your muse has:

Being trapped in her gem, being trapped in a fusion like Malachite

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And while I’m on the subject of posting my husbands videos - here’s my absolute favourite. This was taken when we were otter keepers for the day at the Otters & Butterflies sanctuary in Devon.

As part of the experience we got to shake hands with two Asian short clawed otters, Felix and Jasmine. It was amazing to see them close up, they have beautiful soft paws! Later on we fed them by hand in their enclosure where they leaned their paws on me and knocked over my husband’s go pro!