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Remember Rufio in ‘Hook’? The actor is trying to keep his cult character’s legacy alive.

“I’ve been Rufio longer than I’ve not been Rufio, for sure,” [Dante Basco] says. “To this day, it’s a blessing and a curse. Some people have such strong memories of me as a young actor, that it’s hard to see me as anything else. But everyone comes to Hollywood hoping to get a role people are going to remember them for, and I get girls saying I was their first crush, or Asian guys saying Rufio was the first time they saw an Asian kid on-screen that wasn’t nerdy or stereotypical, so I was lucky the character that resonated was cool.” (x)

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Hiya! Whenever you have time, think you could make a town flag for me? My town's name is Rosegate, and I'd love something that puts the name out there, yknow? So I'm thinking an image of a simple wooden fence with a rose grown around it? However, and this may be tricky.. I'd like the rose and fence in a circle centered on the flag, and around the edges of it, some sort of Asian wooden screen/divider design? Sorry if it's way too complex, feel free to DM me and discuss details if you'd like!

That’s a beautiful name for your town. I tried my best and I think it came out pretty well

So, I wrote something...

According to my post and this precious video.

“What’s up, bitch?” Evan greeted as soon as the man answered his call. Jonathan always answered at the second ring.

He chuckled at the remark, “Hey, owl man. Wazzup?”

Smiling, Evan turned his camera on before saying, “I’m great,” he really was, “Wanna play Gmod?”

“Sure, man.”

They started playing Prop hunt as soon as Jonathan joined his lobby and the Asian was debating in his mind if he would ask the question to his ‘masked friend’ or not.

As his character running through the map, searching for prop-Delirious, he gulped before asking, “Hey, wanna play Sandbox instead? It’s been really a while since the last time we did one.” When Delirious was quiet, Evan finally caught sight of a wooden sword peeking on top of a tree and shot it.

But the other man was so focus from his hiding spot and cursed so loud that he didn’t hear him as he died from the gunshot, “Goddamn it!” and he laughed but Evan took no much notice, instead, he was biting on his tongue as he wait for Delirious’ answer.

“What did you say?” Delirious finally replied, still chuckling from his loss.

Evan frowned at him and before he could even repeat his question, he was interrupted by Ohm, who was trying to join the call.

“Hey, what’s up, guys? Are you playing?”

“Yeah. Join us, Ohm! We’re playing Gmod prop hunt,” said Delirious excitedly, having forgotten Evan’s question already.

“Alright, I’m gonna join the lobby in a sec,” Ohm said, not clearly aware that he interrupted something.

It was finally their last round and was Evan’s turn to be a prop. Fortunately, not one of them noticed nor asked why he was so quiet from the previous rounds.

He found the snow blocks and turned into one, then hid himself on the snowman.

“Alright, guys, alright,” he said, faking his tone into a gleeful one.

The two went to the snowman, still not knowing what he was.

“You have something against at a snowman, getting a head, huh?” Evan teased,

“That’s not a snowman, it’s a Canadian,” answered Delirious and Evan grinned at that.

So, he continued to tease, until, “Just come back to the goddamn snowman, right now!” Evan snapped as Delirious was not much paying attention to him. 

Wait…what? Was he sulking?


Without Evan knowing, he only acknowledged Delirious until the round ended and won.

“That was good, Evan. Good game,” Ohm told him, still remembering the scene as he laughed,” Well, I was late to join, but I gotta go ahead now and do some stuff here. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Yeah, talk to you tomorrow, man,” he only said as he can’t think enough of something more to say towards the guy.

“Hey Ohm, let’s play another round of ‘Rock of Ages’ tomorrow, yeah?” Delirious asked the guy and give a short “Got it” before leaving the call..leaving both Evan and him, again. As always.

“Soooo,” Jonathan cooed at him.

“Sooo? What?” Evan remarked back.

“What did you say before Ohm joined us?” he sat back on chair and stretched before staring at the Asian on his screen.

“It’s nothing, forget about it,” the man said, turning his face away from his camera. He could just turned it off to not let himself looked so sulky in front of his friend, but he stopped himself because it will surely look suspicious.

Apparently, Jonathan expected his reply to be a lie, so he turned his camera on and grinned at his own camera towards the Asian,

“Come on, Evaaaaan, spill.”

He turned at the sound of his name and saw a blue eyed man grinning at him.

Evan bit at his lips as he felt the heat rushed onto his face. God, he just can’t enough of the man in front of him. 

Blue eyes as the sky, white smile and those black studs on his ears was not even helping him to calm his frantic heart. And that was really saying something because he hesitated and ended up sighing as he gave up from the wide and innocent smile playing on Jonathan’s face.

“I’m not gonna repeat my question because I want to play on Sandbox with you whether you like it or not, Jonathan,” he finally said without stuttering, and that, he didn’t know how, despite being stared and smiled at.

“Alright,” Jonathan’s smile widened and they played all night and as the morning came, Ohm have no any idea why hadn’t Delirious answering his calls.

Yep, this is my first time writing a fanfic and I know, IT SUCKS.

The Lost City of Altea: Chapter Two

@tokyoteddywolf and @futureblackpaladin enjoy my four-hour writing spree

“Shiro? You here? I’m home,” Keith called out into his apartment. He nearly dropped his notes when he saw the woman standing in front of his window.

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CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 will be missing a couple of OG characters from its season eight premiere. Variety confirms stars Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, who play Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly, have officially left the show and will not be returning for more episodes.

What makes the news even sadder is the reason behind their departure. Sources told Variety that the Asian actors have asked for pay equality with their white costars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, who take on the roles of Steve McGarrett and Danny “Danno” Williams, but were unable to reach an agreement. 

The network’s final offer was allegedly 10 to 15% less than what O'Loughlin and Caan are making. The site further revealed that the white male stars also obtained deals that provide them with an additional cut on top of their annual salary.

First off, you don’t higher enough Asians on-screen in Hollywood. Instead you give Asian roles to non-Asians. 

Then when you do hire Asians you do not pay them fairly.

To hell with you Hollywood. 

Don’t be surprised if your show goes off the air, since people of every race are sick of this nonsense.

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I'm most excited to see Rose and her development. I'm just thrilled to see this Asian woman represented on screen. I am also extremely hopeful to see her and Finn in a relationship. In your opinion, from the marketing and hints from interviews, do you think FinnRose is going to be a "thing?" Or do you think it's like in TFA where we were baited into thinking Finn would be a Force user? Also, in the same vein, what about Kylo's and Luke's marketing? How much truth do you think promo portrays?

Yes! Of all the new characters, Rose is definitely the one I’m most excited for. I really, really hope that they’ve learnt from their mistakes and won’t be using Finn as misdirection again, so I do believe that we’ll see the seeds of a romance between Finn and Rose. I don’t think we’ll see a full-blown love story based on Rian’s earlier comments to Vanity Fair, but I absolutely think we’ll see groundwork put down.

Kylo’s marketing is basically non-existent beyond ‘Kylo is very, very sad and very, very alone. Let’s look at how pretty he can be while crying and staring into the middle distance. How very, very sad’, so there’s not much to say beyond the blindingly obvious fact that they are hiding his plot in The Last Jedi and they probably have a very good reason for doing so.

Film promotion has very little to do with what actually happens in the film - it’s all about selling the audience a product that they’ll buy into. That usually means disguising the more controversial or complex aspects of a film (whispers: Kylo Ren :whispers) and hyping up or exaggerating the parts that the audience is hungry for (Luke! Luke! Luke!). Then there’s also the element of surprise - a promotional campaign won’t give away key plot information, since doing so would undermine the film and take away some of its appeal.

In short, take all the promotional stuff with a pinch of salt. They’re not going to give away the meat of the story in EW, and nor should they.

Several reasons why Andi Mack is important

First reason- the main family are poc that get the least representation out of poc in general. I love that an Asian family is getting screen time and they don’t get forced into any kind of stereotypes.
Next there’s the thing the show is getting so much attention for- the non-traditional family. Kids haven’t been shown very often that a family can be something other than one mom and one dad who had two+ kids only with each other. There’s some representation of divorced parents but in most cases, the kid didn’t grow up with them separated. I’m just so happy to see this family dynamic taking center-stage.
Then there’s all these feminist overtones. Buffy standing up for herself against sexism from what’s his name, Andi standing up against the ridiculous dress code and finally realising that her life doesn’t have to revolve around some boy who doesn’t even listen to her. It’s all just great.
We also have Cyrus. First, just the fact that he’s feminine and his friends don’t pick on him for it and it’s not like the audience is supposed to either. He’s kinda girly but no one makes a big deal out of it, it’s no big deal. Then there’s the gay foreshadowing. Nothing is confirmed but disney is dropping some serious hints that they’re gonna do this. For real. Like ahhhhhhhhh
Finally, Mack Chat.
Why is this important? It’s giving a giant middle finger to people who say this content is “too adult” for kids to understand. They’re smart enough not only to comprehend what’s going on but also to have a real dialogue about it. And to ask questions to further their understanding.
This is the best show Disney has ever made and I just hope they don’t fuck it up.

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lmao where were yall when keith, an asian, had basically zero screen time...i guess racism only matters when it applies to lance lmao

point me to where keith was confirmed asian. because as far as everyone is concerned, keith being asian is a popular HEADcanon, not an actual canon fact. lance, on the other hand, is confirmed cuban. hunk, too, is confirmed samoan. and it’s cute how you’re confirmed too far up in keith’s ass too