asian revelations


Hey guys! Fellow Cambodian here.
For years, I struggled with my image. Growing up, I lived in a very diverse area but my family was one of the few Khmer families and it was very obvious growing up that I was different. I envied girls with thin, straight blonde hair and blue eyes and wish I didn’t get so dark in the summer time. I had boys avoid dating me because I was Asian. However, through much revelation, I realized that everyone is beautiful including myself.
I love my thick, dark hair (it used to be long but I trimmed it because it’s basically summer).
I love my small, brown eyes because they hold so much of my personality and fierceness despite their size.
I love my skin, especially how easily dark it gets in the summer whereas many girls I know struggle not getting burned.
I love the beauty behind my culture and how Cambodians have been through so much the past fifty years yet they persevere.
A reminder to all Asian girls, full or half or just a little less, that you have no control over the physical features your wonderful parents gave you and that you don’t need to cater to the Western world’s ideal of beauty! Work on remembering that and you’ll go to bed much happier :)
- Mal
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“from an american perspective, these asians making games where the cast is overwhelmingly asian and often revel in asian culture and are localized to other markets outside of asia as an afterthought are really problematic. i’m going to use yakuza as an example, a series where the amount of non-asian characters from every single game can be counted on one hand.”