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So thoughts:

Episode 1: Holy Fuck
Episode 2: Nice
Episode 4: Uncomfortable
Episode 5: Aside from the song? Actually kind of eh.

Episode 5 really didn’t answer anything or being anything new to the table, aside from now that we know that Yellow Diamond is coming to Earth, which is kinda

The biggest thing is that we get to see a peace of homeworld. New Gems, New Amethysts, New Jasper’s.

I felt really uncomfortable during the whole “Human Zoo” sequence, as well as the scene where Steven and Greg went to Korea. I really cannot comment too much on it since it’s not really my place to make those judgements, but something really didn’t feel right given SU’s previous track record wrt Asian representation and fetishization.

Also where the fuck is Bismuth, and you earn a sin for bringing Andy back, even if it’s just a cameo.

As for Steven, he was a lot more bare-able this time around. He’s actually starting to question the gems and call them out of their shit. He seriously fucks up in the first episode, and a little bit in the second, although he still has the issues that even when he does screw up, it turns out to have been the right action to have taken all along.

And yeah, Blue Freakin’ Diamond of all characters is gay. That’s uh… something I didn’t really see happening. I’m glad she’s still a villain and her love and grief for Pink Dia- actually you know what she’s pretty much Pearl but if the narriative actually treated her like the piece of shit she is.

But here’s the thing with all this.

These episodes are great, and they were a lot better than the previous ones, but these should be what a standard SU episode is like at this point. I know we’re not going to get any follow up because the episodes were leaked 4 weeks early and there’s probably going to be another hiatus after the Stevenbomb, so we’ll have to see.

Overall verdict? Steven Universe is still full of problems, but it’s at the very least watchable again.

Hey Allison!
Jeff Rosenstock
Hey Allison!

She’s on the western side looking at the Jersey skyline.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
She’s had the longest day and it’s a gridlocked highway.
She’s in a real bad mood so she couldn’t write back to you.
That poke at every bruise.
Is she gonna write back to you?
You’re an exhausted kid of fractured relationships.
You wanna crush that gloom.
Is she gonna write back to you?
“Hey Allison! This city’s a total disaster without you around.”
You spent the days inside avoiding social landmines
“Hey Allison! This sudden detachment from friendship is making me ache.”

power--glove  asked:

are there any good resources for Sinhalese? my partner is Lankan and resources are not easy to find because it's such a geographically limited language.

Sinhalese Resources

I did manage to find these PDF books files: Here. As well as the following which I copied from the University of Iowa’s Resources Page.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Digital Libraries



Reading & Writing

  • Omniglot
    Introduction to the Sinhala script
  • Sinhala Online
    Beginning-level lessons in writing the Sinhalese script

Listening & Speaking

Online Course Materials

News & Media

Arts, Films, & Music

  • InfoLanka
    Extensive reference list of websites related to Sinhalese culture
  • SLHits
    Archive of Sri Lankan music
  • Sinhala e-music
    Sinhala songs, lyrics, and videos