asian prep

Digital comp sketch for an oil painting I’m planning. In a painting involving a lot of invention I like to anticipate most of the problems in a digital format so I can work through them at a quicker pace. Saves me a lot of headache later on. The painting is based on two small portrait photos of my great-grandparents.


🌺🌷🌸 so I’ve been gettin kinda preppy for the springtime 🌸🌷🌺

The Signs as Mean Girl Cliques

You got your…

Freshmen: Sagittarius
ROTC guys: Taurus  
Preps: Cancer
Asian nerds/Cool Asians: Capricorn
Varsity jocks: Aries
Desperate wannabes: Cancer
Burnouts: Scorpio, Virgo
Sexually active band geeks: Gemini, Aquarius
The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet: Pisces, Libra
and the worst- Beware of plastics: Leo