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This happened to me the other day. People should stop discriminating!! (This happened in Argentina, neither of us spoke any english)
  • Me:*approaches the cash register to pay, while wearing headphones*
  • Cashier boy:What are you listening to?
  • Me:*removes the headphones* Japanese rock. (Actually, it was One Ok Rock)
  • Cashier boy:Japanese? really?
  • Me:yes. Do you want to hear?
  • Cashier boy:*stares at me like I'm crazy* No, I'm fine, thanks.
  • Me:Ah??? What's up with that face?
  • Cashier boy:*slightly angry look* It's just... that's just weird!! Do you even understand what they say?
  • Me:*getting impatient* sometimes.
  • Cashier boy:Then why do you even listen to that? (His phone starts ringing with a david guetta's ringtone)
  • Me:So... you like David Guetta.
  • Cashier boy:yes, that's normal, you know?
  • Me:Do you speak any english?
  • Cashier boy:Ahhh... no.
  • Me:Then, why do you even listen to that? That's not normal, that's called being stupid. *takes things and walks away*
  • Store manager standing a meter behind the cashier:*burst out laughing* That's the best scene I've seen in years.
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Beyond 海闊天空 (Wide Sea and Sky)

I love the first two parts of this song it’s so amazing :)


今天我 寒夜裡看雪飄過
風雨裡追趕 霧裡分不清影蹤
天空海闊你與我 可會變 (誰沒在變)

多少次 迎著冷眼與嘲笑
一剎那恍惚 若有所失的感覺
不知不覺已變淡 心裡愛 (誰明白我)


gam1 tin1 ngo5 hon4 ye6 leui5 hon3 syut3 piu1 gwo3

waai4 jeuk6 laang5 keuk3 liu5 dik1 sam1 wo1 piu1 yun5 fong1

fung1 yu5 leui5 jeui1 gon2 mou6 leui5 fan1 bat1 ching1 ying2 jung1

tin1 hung1 hoi2 fut3 nei5 yu5 ngo5 ho2 wui5 bin3 (seui4 mut6 joi6 bin3)

do1 siu2 chi3 ying4 jeuk6 laang5 ngaan5 yu5 jaau1 siu3

chung4 mut6 yau5 fong3 hei3 gwo3 sam1 jung1 dik1 lei5 seung2

yat1 saat3 na5 fong2 fat1 yeuk6 yau5 so2 sat1 dik1 gam2 gok3

bat1 ji1 bat1 gok3 yi5 bin3 taam5 sam1 leui5 oi3 (seui4 ming4 baak6 ngo5)

English Translation (tried my best to make it make sense as well as fit with the beats of the actually song in Chinese):

Today I… see the swirl of snow pass by

I swirl as well far away with a cold heart

I continue to brave the wind and rain around

Sky and sea is wide for you and me

Would we change? (Who doesn’t change?)

Many times… I face the cold that plays around

I’ll never give up the thoughts inside my heart

In a fleeting trance, I feel emptiness inside

In an unconscious way

Love in my heart (Who understands me?)

So Asian artists that have original talent, that write their own lyrics (Ayumi Hamasaki), help compose their own songs (Utada Hikaru), come up with their own original dance movies (Girls’ Generation), or a mix of all three (BoA) can’t be successful in the US at all.

But then you get a middle-aged Korean guy who pretty much rips off the song and dance to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and he gets instant success in the US.

What part of this is fair at all.



Stop with the ‘Yamapi doesn’t have a very good voice but…’ BS. Fuck off, he has an excellent voice. His singing sounds so beautiful. Just because he isn’t constantly hitting ridiculous notes doesn’t mean his voice isn’t quality. It sounds amazing and is very distinct, which is more than I can say for a lot of Asian singers. His voice has personality and emotion and depth to it. Stop talkin shit. Stop. STOP.