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혼례복 (Bridal Wear) - MyWedding February 2016

Photo: 및 캘리그래피 김보하 

Model: 지이수, 박세진 

Hanbok: 바이단, 박경숙한복, 비단빔, 숙현한복, 우리옷 가비, 우리옷 황후, 윤의한복, 진주상단, 청담채 한복, 한국의상 은유, & 한복 린 

Hair & Makeup: 애브뉴준오(헤어 희린, 메이크업 고진영)


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Since I’m working on a city project, here’s some new Asian-inspired modern windows and window guards that fit the windows. My next set will probably be a kitchen, looking forward to sharing it with you!

New meshes that are included in this set:

  • 2 two tiled windows w/ 2 swatches (black & white)
  • 2 one tiled windows w/ 2 swatches (black & white)
  • 2 window guards (one- and two tiled)  w/ 6 swatches

**To quickly find the objects in game, type: “compact” in the search bar.**


(2.7 MB)


He Duoling (何多苓) (1948, China)

‘House with Attic’ series 1: groups

He Duoling is a prominent contemporary Chinese oil painter with a broad range of influences from impressionism and Pre-Raphaelitism to Andrew Wyeth, in a style moving from realism to a more free-form and poetic manner. In my opinion, one of the most ‘complete’ figurative painters from China.

He’s House with Attic series is a set of 44 paintings to accompany Anton Chekhov’s short story usually titled An Artist’s Story or The House with the Mezzanine in English. The choice of an impressionistic style to the works is presumably a deliberate evocation of Chekhov’s period, and He explores the space and psychology between the characters with a striking ease.


Zhao Shao'ang (Shaoang, Shao-Ang, 趙少昂) (1905-98, China)

Bird-and-flower paintings 2

Zhao Shao'ang was a Chinese artist and exemplar of the landscape, and bird-and-flower painting traditions, as well as a noted painter of cicada. His style is that of the Lingnan School, which formed the basis for the modernisation of 20th century Chinese art.