asian men of tumblr

victim mentality (women falsely accusing men of raping them)

some ignorant people think men right is not important like women right today victim mentality Grow up , a lot of woman lying about crimes and making hoax stories accusing men falsely in crimes and many Innocent men spend years behind jail Without evidence , even victim mentality in LGBT they are lying about crimes and making hoax stories accusing cis straight people especially lesbian and transgender who falsely accuse cis straight men especially accusing falsely cis straight white male also victim mentality in people of color and faking racism crimes and making hoax stories accusing white people of attacking them anyone accusing someone falsely of crimes it’s a crime itself , any person a victim of they crimes they get reparations and Donations because being victim have a benefit (they ruined it for the real victims) maybe one day these people who lie will be actually attack for real and nobody will believe them and they will lives with their fucking that 

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Why daddy and kiddo can’t solve their daddy issues? -sigh- 

Enough with practicing time for something more ‘serious’, but I leave it still as a doodle. Ծ‸Ծ