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Choices Fanmade Poster: The Royal Romance 👑💖

So I decided to practice mah photoshop skillz using face claims and this happened. I kinda went for Korean Drama/Japanese Drama style of poster but oh well…hello Wattpad! 😂📱🔫

I wanna thank @pixelbatsy for the lovely playchoices background. Love your BG collection so much! 😊❤️

Note: This poster is according to my gameplay where Stacie (my MC) stays with the Beaumont Bros., Maxwell and Dream Daddy, Brother Berty. She’s also besties with Maxwell, Hana and Corgi Baby. Drake likes her but she’s in love with Liam who loves her too but he’s engaged to Madeleine. Ya know, the typical love triangle shit and that. 😙👌🏼✨

So I started my new job recently and I cant seem to muster the motivation to draw much so I’ve been playing FFXIV a lot instead

I got myself the tengu togi last week bc I am a sucker for this bad boy just look at it