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I Can’t Help Who I Fall in Love With...

So last summer a friend and I went to a lounge to grab a few drinks and enjoy ourselves. My friend lives in a different part of New York City than I do, so before leaving I called Rod to come pick me up so that I wouldn’t go home alone.

As I’m waiting outside the club a guy (Black) started talking to me trying to get my number and I told him that I wasn’t interested and I was actually waiting for my fiancé. He smiled and said “thats cool, I hopes he treats you right” and walked back over to his friends. 

About a minute later Rod walks up. He kisses me and reaches to carry my shoes (I changed out of my heels) and my purse. The guy who tried talking to me suddenly got PISSED. He started screaming “Really? REALLY? You got a Chinese Mother******?”. Rod, unaware of whats even going on starts cursing back at him and they start going towards each other about to fight. 

Luckily the bouncers were outside of the club and broke up the whole thing. But the guy was still pissed calling me a “sellout” and saying “fuck that shit” and just cursing up a storm. 

He had zero reason to be angry at me. I didn’t reject him in a mean way. I can’t help who I fall in love with.