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My History With Asian guys

I came across this video one day, and the title threw me off, but I watched it anyway. She talks about her past experiences fetishizing asian guys and how she overcame that. We get a bunch of messages in the inbox about “how can they stop fetishizing a race,” so hopefully watching this video provides an insight on that.

However, I noticed this comment she made in response to one of the comments on her videos.

like how are you going to sit and generalize a whole race based on some people you met?? and use “oriental”??

She seems to understand somewhat about fetishization, but to me she still kinda comes off as an asiaphile. Generalizing traits on to a race or ethnicity isnt ok. Yes Arielle Losar, it is fetishization to generalize east asians. No it isnt fetishization to be attracted to an east asian person alone.

What are all of your thoughts on this?


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