asian girls t shirt

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

OOTD: DIY fringe T-shirt

Last weekend I was out with friend for her pre-wedding shooting. (Congratulations to her). It was too hot so i don’t wear any make up…not even the lipstick haha..look so pale… I was wearing my DIY fringe t-shirt (both the design and fringes). I also got this shorts really cheap: 3 USD from the full price of 6 USD yeah, ‘Three’ outlet shop because there is a cut mark at waistband. It is just too small and noone will notice that. So I don’t mind to buy them :)

T-shirt : Myself

Shorts: New Look

Shoes: Converse

            Missing Scene: Spoilers for 10x20. “Hot Topical”

           “Hi, welcome to Hot Topical. Just wanted to let you know, we got a great promotion at the moment. It’s buy one, and get second at half off.”

           Castiel thanked the female employee as he made his way into the store with Dean right behind him. It was actually a stroke of luck that he found out about this place for young people. Two teenagers had been talking about it when he was looking inside the Gaps store, after commenting on how it was all “mom clothes”. He was sure Claire wasn’t into looking like a mom, considering she likes to dress up in leather jackets and jeans.

           “So what are you getting her?” Dean asked him, staying close. He seemed fidgety.

           Castiel scrunched his eyebrows together, deep in thought. “I’m not sure. There are so many to choose from.”

           “She’s turning 18 right? So get her clothes.”

           “What do you suggest, Dean? You were her age once.” Castiel asked in sincerity.

           Dean gave him a look. He remembered that face as the “I can’t believe you said that” look.  Usually this meant something had offended Dean.

           “Doesn’t mean I was a teenage girl, Cas.” Ah, so he was right. Dean was offended.

           “Of course, that’s not what I meant. You had different tastes. Manly tastes.” Castiel tried to save the conversation.

           “You can say that.” Dean winked at him and smiled. 

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Its so annoying when white girls wear these t-shirts with Asian words on them. Like I realize I don’t have a sensible reason to be so annoyed, it’s just one of those pet peeves y'know? idk it just irks me especially when their fuckin Instagram bios have random Asian words and then “kawaii” emojis like 🍡 or🌸 because they think they’re fuckin anime pastel princesses lmao I bet your super weaboo moon child Korean bio translates to “potato” or something and you’ll never know cause YOU DONT SPEAK KOREAN