asian girl baby

Sorry for not updating my sugar life lately. I just finished my rough engineering semester with many projects and exams, but it turned out well.

Another good news, I caught a big whale in the middle of Vegas.
I went on a spring break trip with my besties ( who are not SBs) to LA then we drove the rental car to Vegas. Because of the long drive, my besties went to bed very early and left me awake and bored. So I went down to the casino, put some tiny money like $20 in the slot machine and pulled the lever just to kill time.

A middle-aged drunk Arabic man came by, asking me if I see his lost wallet. I looked around and found it behind the machine, stuck at the board connected my machine and the next one. I gave it to him and turned back to my bet when he pulled out 2 $100 bills and gave it to me like a thank you stuff. (here you can already assume he is a POT) so I dropped him the hint saying “my sugardaddy won’t like it if I take money from another man” with a friendly smile.

He paused, stared at me for 10secs, then asked if I’m 18 yet 😂 (okay people I have a baby face) so I told him I have to be at least 21 to be in the casino. He laughed, still look a bit drunk, and sat down to the machine next to me and started to ask where I am from, what is my nationality, why I am here in Vegas etc. We traded numbers, and I went back to my room. He texted me asking if I want to join him for breakfast, but I gently declined because I don’t want my friends to know. We stopped texting from there.

When I got back to school in TX, he texted me again saying he is in TX, in my area, and he wanted to meet. I was at school at that time, in hoodies and jogging pants (I never wear makeups) so I was like I’m not dressing up for you when I have 500 projects due. He called me, saying it’s fine to be casual with him.

We met for dinner, from a very good casual restaurant. He then finally offered me to be his “friend” and that he would take care of my needs much better than my current SD (meaning I have to quit other SDs). I asked why would I have to give up mine if you take care of me with the same amount ? He just smiled and talked about other topics, mostly about chemistry (surprise !!!!!)

I agreed to be his “friend” anyways, because more is still better than same. I dropped the arrangement with the Bear because he has been too busy, and traveling too much. He gave me $5k the first month. the Arrangement is going on for around 2+ months now, but he started to be super generous when I said my master’s tuition is getting bigger. He said he loves Asian girls and that he impressed with my knowledge about science. (it’s my major ?!). After the first month, he get bonded and started to talk more about things I like, I want and how he can help. Around 2 weeks ago, I found out he owns an oil industrial company in Dubai, and has a crude oil extracting company based in Houston. I was like wow, wow, wow.

I have been saving his money for med school, and probably saving up for a house too if possible. so the sugar life is still being great to me so far. will update more when I have time

btw girls, I stayed at the hotel called The Palms Tower in Vegas, a little bit off the Strip. But, I saw Bentleys, Roll Royces, Maserati, customized luxury cars parking there because it is much quieter than The Strip. so put it down on your hunting list if you need.