asian ghost story

“A mother who died giving birth returns as a spirit during Bon” (1874), Utagawa Yoshiiku (1833-1904)

O-Bon (or simply Bon) is a Japanese festival generally celebrated in August. The ghosts of the deceased are supposed to visit the living during this time.

Late Night Bar

Story from friend H

I was in Vietnam at a pub late at night.

It was quite late and there were only a few people left.

After a quick toilet break I was going back to my seat when I noticed that there was a very ugly person floating near the bar girls beside my table. It was so ugly that just a glimpse of it will give you goosebumps. It had a really long neck and was looking around at the people.

It turned and saw me.

Hurriedly I removed my glasses and avoided eye contact, to pretend that it wasn’t there. I joined my friends back at my table right beside the thing.

I leaned over to my friend and whispered to him

“There is something right beside me“

He told me to go out and chill.

I quickly went out looking in the other direction of the thing just in case it was still looking at me. I did not want to acknowledge its presence.

After we went back to our place, I fell sick.


Ugetsu Monogatari | 1953 | Kenji Mizoguchi | Japan

So many things have happened. You’ve finally become the man I had hoped for. But, alas… …I am no longer among the living. Such is the way of the world.

Red Heels

Story from friend J

When I was in my rented apartment when I was 4-5 years old, I remember playing in front of the store room. The door was left open and it was dark inside.

In the darkness I saw a lady’s legs wearing red heels. The rest of the body was in darkness or was missing.

Also, in my mother’s bedroom, the door doesn’t open fully because they said that a girl died behind the door and her presence is there forcing back on the door.

National Library Elevator

Story from my friend E

The National library has a haunted elevator. Everyone would rather walk.

When it was being built, the top floor was not finished. Mum supposed to go down, but it took her to the highest floor instead; the 5th floor.

She knows 5th floor is empty, and thought that the maintenance people were there.

When the door open it was pitch black. She closed the door and it opened again. A black void.

It was only later on she heard that the elevator is haunted. When they were constructing the building they had to stop because they discovered a grave.

They have to move the old library to the new building. So all the old equipment was put into the new building’s store room. So all the movers (from moving company) were in the old equipment filled store room. Then they ran out with pale faces. Because the typewriters started typing/moving on its own.

Colleague went there as well. She usually takes the stairs but she was rushing so she took the elevator. She wanted to go down to the first floor as she was on the 2nd) and the elevator took her up instead.

It opened and she saw lots of people busy with work. But there wasn’t anybody waiting by the lift. So she closed it.

When it closed, the elevator had a  blackout.

When the light came back, she pressed on the first floor button and it opened again immediately still on the same floor. She saw a guy approaching the lift but the door finally closed and took her to first floor. Until today she doesn’t know if the people she saw even existed there.