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Due to my current living condition…I’m slightly disappointed to have to say this, but I have to postpone my trip to South Korea, as spending so much money at one time breaches the lease that the landlords (my parents) have set up in allowing me to live at home for cheap as they have graciously allowed me to, and since I can not yet survive out on my own, I have no choice but to make this change in plans. Although It saddens me, it’s fair. So in light of this situation my plans are altered a good bit. Instead of only going to South Korea when I do make my trip, I will actually travel simultaneously to a few Nations in Asia: South Korea, Japan, China, and maybe Thailand. My trip probably won’t be for a good while so my original idea of finding love in South Korea basically dies here with this statement since I’m hoping that I find HIM soon. So from here forth this big trip of mine is my next BIG dream. All this being said my savings fund I started is now renamed “My Big Opportunity” fund for when I decide to move out on my own which will be to a place quite far from here since this place has no future for me so I’ll need that money to build that future. Any of those who wish to help aid my big dream is welcome to, but I would never ask for such expenses, so thanks in advance to those kind souls LOL XoXoXo ^.^