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So I work in food and beverage at a theme park in California that is synonymous with a glove-wearing mouse. I’m working at one location (which happens to be my least favorite of the 4 I’m trained at) which is like an Asian Fusion(??) quick service restaurant. Its a build your own rice bowl basically. There are 2 steps: you pick your protein and your sauce. Somehow, people still manage to fuck it up despite the menu being in front of them and having pictures.

Anyways, this guest comes up and asks me if the sauce comes in the bowl or on the side. I say it comes in the bowl but I can put it on the side if he wants. He says “Ok cool.” I repeat back his order, he pays, and goes to the next window to pick it up. A minute later, my coworker comes up to give him his bowl. She’s couldn’t quite tell the difference between the sauces because the lighting was weird, so I help her out. The sauce is the one he ordered. Everything looks great. No problem. Or so I thought. While we’re taking the 5 extra seconds to figure out the sauce, the guy freaks out and demands to know if there is sauce on his bowl. I say “No Sir. I put it on the side just like you asked.” He freaks out again and yells “I SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU I WANTED IT ON THE BOWL!” Being used to dealing with asshats, I mention I read the order back to him but I can fix it for him if he would like. “NO YOU SAID SAUCE NOT ON THE SIDE!” Ok… why would I say NOT on the side? That’s a normal bowl… I say “I’m sorry if you misheard me, Sir. I did in fact say on the side. But I can still fix it if you would like.”  The guy totally looses it. Like if this were a cartoon he would have a head 5 times its normal size, with steam coming out of his ears. “DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME A LIAR! YOU CHOSE NOT TO LISTEN AND NOW YOU MESSED UP MY ORDER!” It was this statement that pissed me off. Why would I CHOOSE not to listen? It doesn’t benefit me in any way to mess up your order. And yes you are a liar. You did not specifically tell me you wanted it on the side. You said “Ok cool” and said it was right when I read back your order. Also why freak out so much? It takes 2 seconds to pick up your little container of sauce and pour it on your food. I’m angry. I actually raise my voice and yell “WELL DO YOU WANT ME TO POUR IT ON FOR YOU OR NOT?” He looks scared and nods quickly. I give the bowl to the back of house and have them pour sauce on (I wasn’t wearing gloves) and give it back to the asshole at the window. I’m so fed up with him I don’t even acknowledge him when I give him his food. As I move on to the next guest I hear him yell at my coworker “WHAT IS HER PROBLEM!?" 

Like I get that you pay all this money to come to our theme park and your feet hurt from walking around all day, but don’t treat the cast members like shit just because we can’t read your mind. Chances are, we’ve had a long day and our feet hurt too.

tdlr; guest accuses me of calling him a liar and choosing not to listen because I can’t read his mind.

My Magnolia Promenade WIP from map view. The exterior is finished now and I have quite a few shop interiors complete! These being a fancy-shmancy restaurant with a rooftop garden, an Asian-fusion sort of restaurant, a music shop, a bookstore, a cafe, and a grocery store. So that’s 6/10. :P

(Although I don’t have the restaurant pack yet, sadly, so the “restaurants” just have food stalls in them. Although that’s probably what I’d do if I had the pack, anyway – seeing as these are all on one lot, and therefore it’d all count as the same restaurant and be generally fucky.)

It’s still CC-free, too! I’ll probably be putting this on the Gallery.

Tiffany&Nichkhun The first couple of two of the greatest current idols has emerged from a long friendship.

Girl group SNSD’s Tiffany(25) and 2PM’s Nichkhun(26) have fallen in love. The two American citizens were friends that could lean on each other while working in Korea, and it has been confirmed that they have been dating for 4 months since the end of last year. There were rumors about these two on the Internet but <> reporters have investigated on the scene, and they have been friends for a long time but started dating officially at the end of last year. This couple is expected to receive more attention as the first SM and JYP idol couple.

An insider that knows their relationship well explained on the 3rd, “Tiffany and Nichkhun are representative hallyu stars so they are meeting carefully. It’s true that they’ve been so close for awhile that there have always been rumors of them dating. They have lots of similarities from living in the US for a long time and became close. But it has been 4 months since they have started dating”.

Tiffany that debuted in 2007 and Nichkhun that debuted in 2008 became close by meeting often at music programs and events. They became much closer than other members with their American lifestyles while working in unfamiliar Korea. They became a couple at the end of last year after being friends for a long time.

Last November, the two arrived at an Asian fusion restaurant in Sinsadong, and their date was as careful as could be seen in a spy movie. What would be a normal dinner date for most couples, they moved around like it was a 007 mission. They restricted moving around together while looking out for the eyes of fans. However, although they stayed apart and acted carefully, they showed off overflowing affection.

They avoided the eyes of their surroundings and enjoyed the date. The location of this date was chosen to avoid eyes of the public. Nichkhun always showed care for Tiffany and walked out in front of her while looking around. Tiffany quietly followed and relied on him. They didn’t completely hide their faces like other idols but showed careful behavior always in consideration of each other.

But the Tiffany-Nichkhun couple’s trademark eye smiles couldn’t be hidden. Their eyes brightened the most when looking at each other. Tiffany and Nichkhun’s positive energies had a synergy effect and warmed the atmosphere.

Entertainment industry insiders said about <>’s investigation, “Nichkhun and Tiffany’s activities were at similar times so they’ve been close since before debut. They have been dating officially for about 4 months” and “They were friends that could comfort each other when lonely and understood each others’ difficulties and supported each other, eventually becoming a couple”.

Tiffany’s group SNSD debuted in August 2007 and Nichkhun’s group 2PM debuted a year later, and the two groups were models for Elite school uniforms together at the end of that year.

As they are both important members of groups that are representative of girl groups and boy groups, they had many collaborative stages and MC-ed together often. The two of them along with SNSD’s Yuri were MCs for the MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok in March 2011. Nichkhun, who stood in the middle at that time, worked together with Tiffany and joyfully lead the concert.

Tiffany and Nichkhun were able to become a couple because they are both American citizens that can speak easily with each other and they have high understanding and consideration for each other. These two are known as ‘angelic idols’ in Kpop. They were warm friends for each other for a long time and eventually became a couple.

Tiffany and Nichkhun’s agency representatives admitted their special relationship. SM and JYP said on the 3rd, “They are in a stage of beginning carefully so please look over them nicely,” asking for the understanding and support of fans.

Nichkhun and Tiffany are now the only couple of current idols dating publicly. In 2011, BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara admitted their dating but broke up 2 years later.

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So if you take cake mix and mix it with butter and powdered sugar it will theoretically turn into this yummy stuff with a fudge-like consistency but usually you just get a gooey super-sweet mess. Tell us a cooking story?

……well i guess i know what I’LL be eating for the next 6 years, exclusively. me at a fancy restaurant: “yes, hi, i know it’s not on the  menu but could i have some cakemix with butter and powdered sugar? yes, i know this is a steakhouse. yes, i know this is an asian-fusion restaurant. yes, i do see president barack obama sitting over there in the corner enjoying some dish that’s so fancy i can’t even pronounce it. if it’s not too much trouble, the cake mix please. thank you.”

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If BD Regina wouldn't of had Henry, how would things be different in that verse? Would she still be owner of ForbiddenFruit? Would things change between her &Robin w/o the parent bond? Would mothering Roland come naturally? What would her hobbies be?

Things would be VERY different.

If she hadn’t had Henry, she’d have finished college. She’d have gotten a degree in Urban Planning from Vassar, and would likely have ended up somewhere like Boston or, yes, perhaps NYC working in that field.

She’d wear tailored pants, and Mayor Mills-esque dresses, and she’d bake at home, on the weekends, for herself and only for fun. And she’d have chronic migraines from overworking herself, and she wouldn’t really love her job, but it’s what she’s trained to do, and it’s what her mother expects of her (and her mother is very proud of her, despite the fact she’s nearly thirty and still single). She wouldn’t ever have lived with Emma, because she’d have made enough on her own to afford at least a decent little studio for herself, and that’s all she’d really need. She wouldn’t know Ruby, or Belle, or Ashley.

If she ever met Robin, it would be because they visit the same coffeeshop every morning at 8:15, and he’s the one who always walks in ten seconds before her, and one day in October, she gets to the register to find out her triple-shot skinny vanilla latte with soy milk has already paid been for. 

Mothering Roland wouldn’t come nearly as naturally to her, but she likes kids, she thinks she’s okay with kids, it’s just she’s never really spent all that much time around them… But he’s cute, and he has his daddy’s dimples, and she gives into them every time, because who can resist those big brown eyes and that floppy hair and those dimples? Of course, he can have an ice cream after dinner.

She’s an avid reader - she’s spent a lot of time alone - and can do the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen. She does spin class every Sunday, and hot yoga twice a week. She’s a big fan of pilates. She also loves to travel - she’s been all over Europe, and wants to hit South America next.

Robin grounds her. Makes her want to stay home and curl up on the couch and watch old movies. When they start dating, she gains five pounds (she skips spin class on Sundays because he’s spent all of Saturday night exhausting her, and hot yoga has been foregone for this new mexi-asian fusion restaurant she heard of that she wants to try) and frets over it.