asian eyelids


Created By Ms_Blue

Beauty Skin Female V2

New and improved features from my first beauty skin. I created 4 different faces in this version and created 4 different sims to show off my vision.

V1: Caucasian, Eyelids
V2: Asian, no Eyelids
V3: Black, Eyebag and lip shadow
V4: Asian, Eyelid and defined cheek

This is a full body overlay, anatomically correct except for the lower region. Can be used with custom and EA skintones. Works with tattoos. Female, Teen to elder and with custom thumbnail so it is easy to locate.

to all the 28 white people in my inbox claiming i got double eyelid surgery to look more white: not everything is about white people lol i didn’t get it done to look more white or because i was influenced by western beauty. there are asians with natural double eyelids btw not everything is centred around white people!!!!!!!
i got double eyelid surgery because i felt my monolids made me look too sharp, angry, and i overall wanted larger eyes to make me look more friendly, awake, happy, etc, not because i wanted to look like you. i didn’t grow up thinking wow i wish i looked like a white person lmao tbh i just think larger eyes look better on me !!!!!!! you are not the only race with big eyes so stop your self centred white supremacist assumptions and get tf out of my inbox!!!!!!!!!!!

Eyelids are to Asians what hair is to African-Americans. By which I mean, eyelids are a big fucking deal, beauty-wise, and are also wrought with cultural significance. The whole fuss of epicanthic folds versus double-folds aside, what really drives my sister and me insane is the fact that the size of our droopers varies from day to day, depending on such factors as lack of sleep, crying jags, drinking, and seeming randomosity.

Yesterday, in agony over the asymmetry of her eyelids, my sister texted me the following:


The poor girl was having what I like to call a “bad eyelid day.” It’s not just like, “Ugh, my eyelids look a little off.” No. To us, it’s the difference between having a spring in your step and not wanting to leave the house. If you’re still trying to understand the horror of having such a vital part of your appearance be so inconsistent, imagine this: when you wake up every morning, you have no idea what your nose will look like. Wouldn’t that suck? While asymmetry is a big offender, another example of what could happen on a “bad eyelid day” is that your eyelids shrink to a third of their normal size. This seems to happen whenever I travel, for some reason. I always have bad eyelids when I travel. :(

Okay, so my sister texted our mother about her problem. Aimy and Mother discuss:


Okay, first of all, my mother’s advice to call a doctor is absurd. My doctor is an old white man who has probably never thought about the state of his eyelids before, except maybe when he noticed that they’d started sagging. Secondly, it warms my heart that generations of women in my family have been struggling with the heartache of volatile eyelids - it’s like the thread that connects us! - such that they came up with crafty ways to fix the predicament as teenagers. Desperate for a solution, my sister followed the tip:


I’m sorry, I know I sound like an uneducated 12-year-old when I text. It’s only when I text with my sister because I don’t care if she respects me. 

Anyway, I just wanted to take this as an opportunity to enlighten the public about eyelid problems. Feel thankful if your eyelids are always the same!