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Hey if anyone likes my mix and would like to help me, I am a broke mentally ill twoc in a weird fucked up situation where I have to very suddenly move out of my parents’ house within the next two weeks. This is terrifying to me for several reasons. My mental health issues make it extremely challenging to work a full time job to support myself. I have been trying hard to find a part time job within my abilities but no one seems to want to hire me. I’ve had at least one potential job ice me out because im a trans woman. I’ve also been trying to sell my dirty panties online but thats going nowhere. Basically if anyone wants to donate to my Paypal or Google Wallet (both ) to help me buy food and medication while i move and keep looking for work I would DEEPLY appreciate it. Any amount would help me enormously. I’m really scared and lost and stressed out and i just rlly need help. :(


#UglyDucklingSeries #PerfectMatch episode 5

This needs no explanation right?