asian district


Tokyo tower by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Tokyo tower at dusk, Tokyo Japan


Asian Style Red Light District -Residential Lot - DOWNLOAD 

I’ve been needing a lot similar to this for my upcoming video and I couldn’t find anything XD Inspired by the traditional Red Light districts form the Asian culture. The rooms are completely empty (except for one) , so you can decorate them to your liking. It’s CC heavy, hopefully all the meshes will appear. I have Ultimate Collection. Use Clean installer to install it. Also, I accidentally packed the lot with the Roseland family, sorry about that. 

Policy: Please don’t upload it to pay sites or claim at as your own. You can use it for whatever you want, I would be happy if I got credited tho :D 



Yokohama by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Yokohama bay cityscape at twilight

Am I ok to be offended when girls have the nerveeee to ask me “show me how to get an Asian man?” Excuse me? Dating an Asian guy doesn’t open the portal to some Asian men shopping district where you can select whatever the hell Asian guy you want. And if your main concern is to just “find an Asian man” you should take a long hard look at yourself and stop asking me stupid questions.

hi aagu,

i live and work in seattle in a predominantly white neighborhood. i’m sick of the casual racism i encounter almost daily at work and among my friends and acquaintances. i kind of hate this city but i’m waiting for my partner to finish grad school. i’m sick of not being able to say what i’m really thinking without alienating everyone i interact with.

some fuck you’s i never got to say:

- fuck you, friend of a friend who claimed that the reason prop 1 (which would’ve funded seattle buses) failed was because of the “rich asians in the university district” (i.e. international students)–never mind that they can’t even vote.

- fuck you, my friend who said she doesn’t like chinese food b/c it’s “greasy and bland” (i.e. she’s only had chinese food in Buffalo)

- fuck you, old white customer who spent 20 minutes trying to explain to me why asian art is inferior to european art

- fuck you, 99% of the people i know, who are white, who don’t give a crap about politics or social justice (and therefore don’t give a crap about me), who just talk about boring bullshit all fucking day, who think i’m oversensitive/self-righteous for not laughing at racist jokes

- fuck you, girl i just met two seconds ago who said that i really remind her of someone else she knows. LET ME GUESS, IS SHE ASIAN? actually, fuck every white person who’s ever told me that i remind them of their asian friend within five minutes of meeting me. i know we all look the same to you, but come the fuck on.

- fuck you, white female colleague of my white male partner who insinuated that he would have a successful academic career because he has the support of an asian (and therefore domestic, subservient) girlfriend. 

the list actually goes on, but i’ll spare you.

fuck north seattle.