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  • Me: there is something ethereal and breathtaking about men in turtlenecks that make me go aww every time I see them
  • Cousin: you like men in general so stop acting all deep and poetic

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Hi hi hi!!! I'm Asian and I live in a typical Asian home. Lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and let me tell y'all a story. When I was younger, I thought my aunt was white because she was so pale. Turns out she's Asian as well but just very pale. Because yes!!! POC can be pale!!! Shocker right???

Fucking wild !!!!!

So in Chinese culture, a pretty girl is a girl with straight, black hair, lily white skin, short height, slender figure, sparse body hair, round face, tall nose, thin eyebrows, and “smiling eyes” (big, round eyes that are a bit puffy along the lower lashline). I, for the most part, fit this criteria.

I was born with porcelain skin like my mother, but when I was around seven, I learned how to swim and swam often. Over the course of one summer, I turned from extremely pale to extremely tan (my third grade teacher thought I was Filipino). Currently, my skin is probably at least ten shades lighter than it was the summer before third grade. Before that summer, a majority of the conversations I had with my relatives would revolve around how pretty they found me. Then my relatives bullied me “for looking too black”. Whenever I tried to defend myself, my mother would tell me to “respect the elders!”

My little sister learned how to swim around the same time that I did, and also swam often when she was younger. Like myself, her skin became very tan but to this day, hasn’t gotten any lighter. I recall one day, I was at a Chinese amusement park with my mother and little sister. One Chinese man made fun of my little sister for being so tan and I reprimanded him (my little sister is a very shy person). My mom called me rude and forbade me from spending the day at the amusement park with them.

Beauty advertisements all over the world preach basically the same thing–and alienate everyone that doesn’t meet all of their absurd standards. My fellow asian brothers, sisters, and cousins (for those that identify as non-binary): don’t be ashamed for having asian features–YOU’RE NOT UGLY, SOCIETY IS UGLY.

If someone tells you that you’re lucky to have snow white skin, a slim body, straight hair, or big and round eyes; tell them that every asian has beautiful features and that the world would lose its beautiful diversity if everyone looked the same.

If someone tells you that your eyes are too small or that you shouldn’t smile or laugh because “you look too asian”, tell them “No one needs big eyes in order to see your prejudice”.

If someone calls you a “banana” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) because you only speak English, tell them that it’s wrong to force someone to assimilate with a culture but then ostracize them for not being in touch with their heritage.

If someone tells you that you’re not a real asian because you’re not from northeast asia, tell them that their ignorance is nearly to completely unfathomable.

If someone says they “wanna bone your tight asian pussy”, tell them that they secretly only like narrow vaginas because they imply that his twig dick is bigger than it actually is.

If someone asks expects you to do an entire group project for them because your asian heritage guarantees an A+, tell them that they’re gonna work at McDonalds for the rest of their life is they keep that kind of work ethic.

If someone asks you to “prove” the fact that you’re asian because you’re mixed, tell them to stop acting like they’re so superior that they have the power to decided who is and isn’t asian.

If someone calls you “exotic” because you’re not from China, Japan, or Korea; tell them to fuck off.


okay so i suck. i’m not very big into the holiday spirit. you won’t see me doing christmas related stuff because i’m basically the grinch’s half-asian cousin or whatever. but i digress, i still feel like i need to do something for the lovely people who’ve been around this trash blog. also i needed a reason to use this image. i mean … come on.

apparently it’s been 5 months since i rebooted this pile of garbage and i have loved every minute of it. writing fallon makes me genuinely happy, which is something i can’t say for many things, and i’d be lying if i didn’t say that this blog has probably stopped my mental health from plummeting halfway to china ( nice ). but this wouldn’t be made possibly without the people i interact with on here. i am slow, and my child is a ball of fury trapped in a smol frame, but ya’ll have stuck around until christmas so i’m about to throw a big love bomb all of your ways.

i’m going to stop rambling before i get emotional. tldr is this; you make my day. my mutuals are the fuel to this blog, this muse, and it would be so very rude of me if i didn’t give you a big cyber hug. and a cyber kiss on the cheek. and a cyber… something more ;))))

#THAT’SSOMEGOODSHIT;; if you’re here, then i would let you into my home at 3am and make you a nice cup of tea. you would take a sip and say “erin, you didn’t boil the water”. i would promptly ask you to elope with me. you’ve probably listened to me complain about some nonsensical bullshit, you probably have 80 threads with me, and you probably would get a butt touch if we met. i love ya’ll, you deserve soft skin and nice christmas presents. ya’ll are bae.

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