asian childhood

When I was a little kid, I went to an all Hispanic school where I was bullied and made fun of because I “looked too Asian”. When I tried to interact with other Asian children I was picked on for “not looking Asian enough”. I’m mixed French, but there was a time period in my life where I badly wanted the pin straight hair, the cute button nose, and the monolid almond eyes common to East Asians. As a kid,I just wanted to fit in somewhere. Time passed and now as an adult, I realize that looking a little different isn’t that bad, and that beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.

And that small children are usually just assholes regardless of what you look like or do. Mainly that.

southeast asian mythology series 

(1/5) Pontianak

The pontianak is a vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology; they are said to be the spirits of women who died either during pregnancy or childbirth. 

Pontianak are usually depicted as pale women with long hair, dressed in white. In folklore, the pontianak usually announces their presence through baby cries - If the cry is soft, it means they are near. Their presence can sometimes also be detected by a floral fragrance identifiable as that of the plumeria, 

The pontianak kill their victims by digging into their stomachs with sharp fingernails and devouring their organs. In some cases where the pontianak desires revenge against a male individual, it rips out the sex organs with its hands.

To fend off a pontianak, a nail must be plunged into the hole on the nape of her neck. This is said to make her a beautiful woman and a good wife until the nail is removed. (x)

honestly rukia was probably the most formative asian heroine of my childhood. nobody else could burn with kindness as fiercely as she could. who could snarl with such disdain, who could hunger so much to be a warrior, stalking across the battlefield with a sword glistening in her fist like a raw diamond.

i mean. here you have a dead girl, talking about justice. demanding for all spirits to be protected, demonstrating to our Male Shounen Protagonist what it means to be selfless, and a hero. she was thoughtful, earnest, and spoke her mind, and she never apologized for it.

Green & Yellow

A/N: Heyyy so this is the first of my upcoming TMR-Hogwarts fics, I really wanted to make this a one-shot, but since it got too long I’m going to make it a two-shot. This chapter is mostly an introduction, but please keep reading coz he next one will have lotsa readerx newt, and it’ll be out really soon!

Character: Newt x Reader (other characters mentioned)

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: Character’s aren’t mine, neither is the school.

“Where the hell is Minho?” you yelled as you ran into your common room. 

“What’s wrong y/n?” asked Brenda, your roommate. 

“He took my transfiguration homework and he hasn’t returned it yet! The last date to submit it is tomorrow! McGonagall is gonna fail me if I don’t submit it!”

“I think I heard him saying he was going to practice Quidditch, come on, lets head to the pitch, I’m thinking of practising my flying for the next game.” You mumbled some profanities against your Asian childhood friend and left with Brenda to find him. The two of you reached the grounds, and sure enough you spotted him, except he wasn’t alone. “Oh no” you sighed “What’s wrong?” asked Brenda. “ He’s not alone.” you replied. “Yea so?” Brenda looked in the direction of your line of sight and then smirked “Oh right, I forgot you had a thing for canary buddy” “Shut up Brenda!” you blushed. Minho was fooling around with his two best friends, Thomas and Newt. The three of them were quite popular in your batch, and pretty much the whole of Hogwarts, they were called the ivy trio. They were always together when possible.You had been introduced to Newt and Thomas when you were in your first year itself since you were really close to Minho, but you had never really hung out with them, just exchanged the usual pleasantries and small conversations here and there. Although there was this one time in third year where you were partnered up with Newt as part of a care of of magical creatures assignment where each pair had to take care of a magical creature for two weeks straight and then write a report on it. The two of you had really bonded over those two weeks and that’s when you developed your major crush on him. Sadly, after the assignment was over you didn’t talk to him that much, which was partially because you were embarrassed about your crush.

  “I don’t get it though” said Brenda, “What do you see in that canary? he’s just a typical wussy Hufflepuff.” That was the other reason you hadn’t tried to take things forward. He was in Hufflepuff, and you, you were in Slytherin. One of the reasons the ivy trio were famous in school was because Minho was in Slytherin, Newt was in Hufflepuff and Thomas was in Gryffindor. Silly things like house rivalry had never got in the way of their brotherly bonds. The three of them were even on their respective Quidditch teams, Thomas was a seeker,  Newt was a chaser and Minho was a beater. Their rivalry in the games had made it only more fun for them. They even had their own little slang, they were as thick as thieves and the whole school wondered how, the only person who could hang out with them when it was just the three of them was a girl called Teresa from Ravenclaw. In any case, the main problem was you were in Slytherin, and he was in Hufflepff, and as much as you admired them for not worrying about things like house rivalry when it came to friendship, you were. Friends was one thing, relationships were another, you knew your fellow Slytherins would judge you for dating a hufflepuff, even Ravecnlaws were fine, but many of them considered hufflepuffs as a house of cheerful wimps. You were ashamed about being so worried about other people’s opinions but you couldn’t help it. It would be even worse if you got turned down by him and everyone got to know. Then your common room would feel like a real dungeon to you. Despite all that though, you had never really gotten over Newt, your heart still fluttered for him.

“He’s a typical Hufflepuff yes” you said “ but he is not a wuss Brenda. He’s kind, caring, cheerful and a down to earth man” Brenda rolled her eyes “What ever, why don’t you just get with someone from our house?like Minho? I always thought you guys were a thing till you told me about Newt.” I gagged “Minho? no way, I love him, but not that way, he’ll always be the annoying brat who broke my toys, besides you have no right to say that Brenda, I know you have a crush on Thomas” Brenda went red and sputtered about how it wasn’t true, but you knew it was. The only reason she would never admit it was because she was the seeker for Slytherin and she hated Thomas for the few times he had beaten her to the snitch. “Besides, he already has something going on with that bitch Teresa” she mumbled but you didn’t hear her, you had gone ahead to call Minho. The three guys noticed the two of you and flew down to meet you. Thomas was chatting with Brenda, although she just gave snappy replies.

“Sup y/n?” grinned Minho

“My homework Min, I need it, where the hell did you keep it?” You glared at him trying to ignore Newt. Newt who looked so cute standing on his firebolt keeping it afloat just a little above the ground as he stared at you with a grin plastered on his face.

“Oh right! I totally forgot about that! it’s under my pillow, just ask Ben to get it for you from there” replied Minho. “Why would you keep it under your pillow ? What if it gets crumpled?!” “It’s so that no one else takes it!” he grinned “ Childhood friends privilege yea?” I scoffed “ Whatever, this is the last time I’m lending you my homework Min.” “Aww y/n don’t say that! you know love me!” You rolled your eyes and walked away. You tried to find Brenda but she was no where in sight. You figured she was off competing with Thomas. “Guess I’m alone then” you said to yourself as you began to head back. “Y/n wait!” You stopped and turned around, you didn’t have to look to see who it was though, you could recognize that lovely British accent anywhere. “Oh Hey Newt” you smiled, suppressing your blush. “Mind if I walk with you love? I’m done with practice, need to head back and finish my transfiguration assignment, completely forgot about it till you and Minho mentioned it.”Oh sure!” The two you walked together side by side making small talk.”How long is it?” he asked “Not very if you paid attention in class”you replied “Well then, I’m screwed” he sighed placing his hand on his head. You looked at his hair, it seemed so soft, you always wanted to try playing with it at least once, and then for some reason your mouth just did the talking. “I could help you if you’d like, Transfiguration is my strongest subject.. if we head to the library now I’m sure we can finish it in a few hours!” Newt smiled brightly “Really y/n? you’d do that? Thank you so much! I’ll meet yo at the library entrance in 10 minutes then?” His smile dazzled you “Yea sure” He gave you a hug, “ it’s a date then!” and he ran off towards his common room leaving you stunned. “D-date?” you stammered. “Have I really got a study date with Isaac Newton?” you wondered. Mentally you were squealing inside but your tummy was doing flips out of nervousness. “Oh screw those jobless serpents” you mumbled and you ran to the common room to freshen up and get study material.

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