asian cecil

Imagine a teenage Southeast Asian Cecil trying to apply make-up without mirrors, just… just trying to make himself feel better and connect with his mother, without any way to know how he did, and picking colors he likes that his mother left behind.

Then when he visits Old Woman Josie, she gets this pained look and gently sits him down, saying she needs to teach him how to apply make-up and pick colors that flatter his lovely, golden tan skin, because darling, orange does not work, and oh, she can help him apply eyeliner on his eyelids, she knows how hard it is.  And oh, how to make it subtle because people can be so cruel to children.

And oh, why not wear this lovely polka-dot dress, it’d match the purple eyeliner, and the green furry hearts would be so nice to rub your fingers across when you’re nervous, Cecil!

Cecil and Old Woman Josie bonding over make-up

Old Woman Josie giving SEAcil hand-me-downs that match his make up

Inter-generational friendships with fashion!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

PoC!Cecil Thoughts

Hispanic!Cecil arguing with Carlos in spanish. Or hispanic!Cecil not knowing spanish and Carlos teaching him at home so he can speak it. Maybe a Brazilian!Cecil who starts to yell in Portuguese while Carlos yells in spanish and the two can go on for hours.

Asian!Cecil! Maybe a Japanese!Cecil who likes to garden and plant strange fruits native to Night Vale that scream and bleed. Or a Thai!Cecil who likes to cook traditional thai food when Carlos is too caught up with his work. 

African American!Cecil! African American!Cecil with dreads! African American!Cecil who likes a strange version of jazz that is specifically from Night Vale and likes to make Carlos dance with him. African American!Cecil who hangs out with Dana so she can paint his nails. 

Native American!Cecil! Native American!Cecil ranting to Carlos every once in a while about how awful the apache tracker was for appropriating his culture. Native American!Cecil singing songs in his native language that his mom used to sing to him at night. 

Romani!Cecil! Romani!Cecil teaching Carlos about his culture and language. Romani!Cecil yelling at the tv when offensive portrayals of Romani show up. Romani!Cecil hanging out with Romani!Old Woman Josie and babbling about their bowling plans together. 

The point is PoC!Cecil is fantastic and everyone should love him. 

The latest How Many Cecils chart is finally up! 

First, I want to say thank you to all the people who submitted this time around - we got 40 new responses in for this chart! That’s great - let’s see if we can make that even higher the next time around!

And if there are any artists who contributed, I salute you! When you put your own work here, it makes me feel special most of all - you’re essentially saying that you think this project is worthwhile, regardless of what your headcanon is, and I appreciate that. 

So, on to the numbers: 

  • White!Cecil dropped two points, but is still in the majority at 59.1%; 
  • the white!Cecil drop is accounted for in rises particularly to Native American, Black, and Asian Cecil populations, although those are only fractional. 

Also, I just want to say that, of all the ones I saw this time around, I am quite enamoured of astrogyaru’s Inuit!Cecil, not just because it’s a cute little headcanon that hasn’t appeared so far in the forms, but because she’s a really talented young artist. Of all the really stupendous work I’ve seen from the new submissions, this one stands out the most to me. 

So, tomorrow is another battle against the unseen forces that seek to destroy us day. Who knows what will be in store for us? (A few of the children know, but they’re not telling, apparently.) Let’s wait and see. 

Til then… goodnight, Night Valegoodnight

I just really want Native American!Cecil with long hair and silly glasses being a huge dork

But then I want African American!Cecil with dreads who likes to dance around while cleaning with Carlos 

But THEEEN I want Asian!Cecil with short hair singing in the kitchen while cooking Carlos dinner (because Carlos works so hard sometimes and really needs a break) 

AAAAAND I want hispanic!Cecil switching from spanish to english with Carlos at all times when at home. 


oh my god i’m sick of seeing bullshit over people’s headcanons for cecil.

if your cecil is african, your cecil is african. if you’re cecil is white, your cecil is white. if your cecil is asian, your cecil is asian. hell, if your cecil is a fucking twelve limbed green alien from outer space, your cecil is a twelve limbed fucking green alien from outer space.

the beauty about cecil, and the rest of welcome to night vale, is that it can all be exactly how you want it to be. meaning, no two night vales will look the same. no two cecils will look the same. no two carlos’ will look the same. hell, no two yellow helicopters will look the same.

stop shitting on other peoples headcanons.