asian castle

More Than Enough

pairing: frank castle x white and asian!reader

requested: yes, by anon

summary: Can you do frank castle x chinese\biracial\white reader? something cute n fluffy about identity?… something to do with her identity like not feeling asian enough and dealing with the biracial struggle, thanks!

chapter/one-shot: one-shot

rating: M

notes/warnings: death threats, racial slurs, ignorance

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You knew scrolling through your twitter feed was a bad idea. You were a famous YouTuber and were looking up new ideas for your next video. Frank was away on another job, so you were alone with your cat. She was sleeping on your lap, thanks to your petting, while you scrolled through the app.

You saw a few sweet things your followers left, and you even got a request for a new video. Just as you copied the request down and was about to close out of the app, a particular post caught your eye.

“You’re such a fake.” It said with a few laughing emojis at the end. You gasped reading it, before scrolling down to see if there were anymore. “You’re just posing. There’s no such thing as being biracial.” Your eyebrows furrowed as you kept reading.

These people are so ignorant.

“You’re not fully Asian. Stop posing, you’re white. Get over it.” You quickly sent a reply back to that person saying that you were indeed white, but you were also Chinese, making you a person of color.

A ton of more mentions followed, more people bashing you and telling you that being Asian Pidoes not make you a person of color. “You should just die.”

That made you close the app quickly and shut your phone off altogether. Your cat sensed your rushed movements and woke up, body all tense and on high alert. You picked her up and removed her from your lap and walked to your bathroom.

“I hate people so much.” You said under your breath as tears began to fall. You already felt like you didn’t belong, or you were “Asian enough”. The fact that people had said this didn’t surprise you, it was a phrase said all your life. The fact that someone had the audacity to tell you to die, just broke your heart.

You sat on your unmade bed and pulled the covers over you, letting the darkness consume you as you cried.

Frank had just finished a job and was absolutely hungry. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to you as he walked toward your apartment.

“Pizza ;)”

His eyebrows furrowed when you didn’t answer right away, knowing that you were always on your phone. He decided to order the pizza anyway, maybe you took a short nap or was taking a shower.

Once he got inside the apartment, he was greeted by your cat who purred and rubbed itself on your leg. “Hey.” He whispered, petting their fur before continuing in the apartment carefully. “Y/N!” He called out to you but got nothing in return. He put the pizza on the counter, along with his weapons and keys. “Baby?” He walked toward the bedroom only to hear sniffles and whimpers.

He hurriedly pushed the door open and saw a large, shivering lump in the middle of the bed. “Y/N, baby, what happened?” Your sobs got louder, and it nearly shattered his heart.

“N-nothing.” You said softly, drying your eyes as quickly as you could. Suddenly, the covers were yanked off of you. Frank stood over you and you looked up at him.

“Y/N what happened.”

“Twitter” was all you said before Frank sighed. He sat down behind you and let you lay your head in his lap.

“Baby, you don’t have to listen to them. They’re all cowards hiding behind a screen to make themselves feel better by bringing you down.”

“They said I wasn’t Asian enough and I should die!” You wailed, a fresh batch of tears falling from your eyes. He pulled you closer and squeezed your shoulders tightly.

“You know there is no such thing as ‘asian enough’. You’re Asian, you are valid. You know that baby. Don’t let what they say ruin your mood or affect how you live your life.”

You let his words sink in before turning around in his arms. You climbed up higher into his lap and kissed his lips passionately.

“I love you, Frank.” You whispered, wrapping your arms around his neck.

He smirked before replying, “I love you too.” Without warning, his hands squeezed at your sides, making you holler in laughter. “There’s that smile!”

“Frank stop!” You screamed, frantically trying to pull his hands off of you. He finally stopped after a while and kissed your cheek.



Thai-Jutsu!  Part 4 of Ninja Castle on Ice! Series  (Where Phichit brings his best Eyebrow/Eyeliner game and kills it in green spandex AND gets to promote Asian culture! )  

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