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Jacanas have a highly unusual mating system.  In all species of jacana, the female is larger and more aggressive than the male, and is sometimes more colourful.  She will control a large territory that encompasses the territories of one to four males, and defend them from other females.  These males make up her harem, and she will copulate with all of them during the breeding season.  One particular male will receive most of her attention; this male will be the one chosen to incubate the eggs and care for the chicks, and is called the receiver.  If the receiver feels that he has not received enough sexual attention from the female, and thus may not be the father of enough of the eggs, he may destroy the nest and eggs.  In turn, however, if a female finds one of her males incubating a nest from a strange female, she will destroy it.


Like most bears, sun bears are generally solitary when not seeking a mate.  When in breeding condition, however, mating pairs seem quite affectionate with each other, with the two bears hugging, play-fighting, and nuzzling.  Little is known about mate selection or habits, especially since there is no set breeding season, but there are some researchers who believe the sun bear is monogamous.  Adult pairs, possibly mates, have been observed travelling with litters of cubs, which is extremely unusual for bears.  However, this has yet to be confirmed.

fun fact : i volunteer and work with the mayors alliance of nyc animals/humane society/ and ACC (animal care center of NYC), and a really cool part of that is the foster program, I’m a foster parent for pitbulls and only pitbulls, and you get to foster abused, stray, or sick pitbulls and nurse them back to their full health and socialize them in hopes of getting this beautiful misunderstood breed adopted into a loving family, this here is Leonidas, i call him Leo. just wanted to share a small but very important part of my life with you guys ✨. 🐶

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