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'Crazy Rich Asians' Lands Its Male Lead (Exclusive)
Henry Golding, who has never starred in a feature film before, will play Nick Young in the adaptation directed by Jon M. Chu.

Crazy Rich Asians has landed its male lead, casting Henry Golding to play Nick Young.

Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu is starring in the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s hit book about the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore. Jon M. Chu is directing the Warner Bros. film.

The story follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s (Golding) hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia, and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

Michelle Yeoh is attached to play Nick’s controlling mother who disapproves of Rachel.

Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, as well as Ivanhoe president John Penotti, are producing. Kevin Kwan will serve as executive producer along with Ivanhoe chairman Robert Friedland. Courtenay Valenti and Jon Gonda will oversee the project for Warner Bros.

With plans to feature an all-Asian cast, the filmmakers have set out on a worldwide search to find the stars of Crazy Rich Asians. Golding, whose father is from England and his mother from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia, is a true discovery. He is currently based in Singapore after growing up in London, and has never been featured in a film, but has experience hosting for TV travel shows. He is represented by management company FLY Entertainment in Singapore.


Nct as things I've witness in my honors English class

Taeil: teacher giving students a 20 page packet to read and summerize + another story for a test. All due the next class they have together

Hansol: sits in the back and shoots hair ties at people until someone slaps him

Johnny: answers the phone when the teacher is out in an fake Asian accent but no one rats him out

Taeyong: brings febreeze because the person sitting in front of them smells

Yuta: asks a lot of questions that will get the teacher triggered so they can waste class time. Ex.“Harry Potter sucks. Why do you even like it” the teacher then proceeds to spend half of class explaining why and how hurt he is

Kun: sits in front and no one knows who tf they are but the one time the teacher does call on them everyone is shook because their voice is so nice

Doyoung: salty 25/8 and refuses to do any work but somehow has an A in that class

Ten: holds hand with the person in front of them for the whole class and everyone is just used to it. Was once asked why and answered with ‘they have really soft hands’. That was when everyone realized that they had a big thing for hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaehyun: gets really hungry and the teacher won’t let them bring in food for because it’s 'unfair’ so brings in a giant bag of eggrolls to share but eats the majority of it

Winwin: teacher’s favorite student that always gets to keep their phone even though they were on it during class. the teacher proceeds to take everyone’s phone that he sees out of their pockets

Mark: said 'I Want To Die’ too loud in class and got pulled out to have a talk with the teacher about how it is not funny to joke around like that but is laughing the whole time. Convo went like this: “are you getting mentally or physically abused” “no” “don’t lie to me” “okay” “now it’s okay to be getting abused” “but I’m not getting abused” “it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it” “???”

Haechan: got someone else to do their homework but the other person trolled them and messed up their homework by writing comments like 'this is stupid’, 'this class is fucking boring’ and 'no one is gonna read this because this is sucky like this class

Renjun : legitimate angel that will lend you notes when you nap if you give them a piece of coffee candy

Chenle: if they don’t get to sit next to their best friend will get all moppy and depressing. also gets triggered af when their best friend isn’t there and will throw a tantrum

Jeno:brought a pillow to class and swore he was not taking a nap and just 'resting his eyes’

Jaemin: teacher told this kid to stop smiling because it was creepy af and laughs at the most inappropriate times

Jisung: broke down when they had to do their final presentation and still got an A

Shout out to all long-time immigrants who, by choice or by happenstance, have kept their accent when they speak the language of their new country. Y'all sound amazing.


I can watch this forever.

every hollywood east asian role
  • old martial arts teacher with grey beard
  • dragon lady femme fatale with bladed chopsticks in hair, probably dies at the end
  • feisty action girl with black hair and a strand of another colour for edginess
  • north korean spy
  • subordinate woman/schoolgirl
  • funny asian guy with funny accent which is played for laughs
  • chinese soldier #56
  • male love interest lol just kidding 

Idk if this opinion is unpopular or not but I feel like it’s stupid to even try and compare Dan and Arin’s problematic jokes to Jon’s flat out actual racism. To act like Arin and Danny’s Asian accent is on the same level as Jon “rich black people commit more crimes than poor whites” Jafari is just delusional.

Cotton Eye Joe vs Noisy A-hole Neighbors.

(warning: long story)

Background: Growing up, I lived with my parents in a three bedroom condo unit on the second floor. There was only three condos in a unit so we had only one apartment above us and one below us. The unit is apart of a few blocks worth of condominiums and it’s like its own little community. All the neighbors know each other and were always around to offer a helping hand. It was an awesome quiet little nook filled with families in what was otherwise a very busy part of a large city. My parents still live there after 25 years since they bought the place when they first immigrated to America.

My parents are for the most part very friendly people, and had good relations with all our neighbors. Below us lived a nice Eastern European family and above us, a large Asian family who despite the sheer amount of people living there, we never heard a peep from them. They were all on friendly terms, but it was very much a situation of ‘I won’t bother you so don’t bother me.’ My entire childhood, there was never any bad blood between any of the neighbors and for the most part everyone just did their own thing and lent a helping hand once in awhile.

As a side note: my father worked in construction since he was a young kid, and building codes are essentially his bread and butter. Within the Department of Buildings and Fire Department in my state, he cultivated a reputation over the past 30 years as being one of the foremost experts in understanding building codes and spotting potential issues on any job site instantly. This is important to remember.

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cant believe in july 2017 i honestly just seen people trying to claim that the gr.umps arent fucking racists
like do you not remember dan’s “red dot or woo-woo?” response everytime someone mentions the word ‘indian’. do you not remember the racist east asian accents. do you not remember the antiblack stereotypes they reinforced with racist jokes.

anonymous asked:

It's so sad and disrespectful to see that girl cover the first issue of vogue arabia. Palestinians are being killed and erased and their biggest representation is some white american trash who made fun of a foreign accent and asian features and only shows off her roots when it helps her get away with using henna and land 2 covers that will make history. She's a fucking hypocrite always getting praised for caring about important things while doing the exact opposite and making up excuses for it.

EXACTLY and the people trying to justify it are sf annoying

shit theatre kids say

keithly just came back from theatre camp and she wrote down everything she thought was funny and is now posting it without context you’re welcome

“Should I cut him off?”
“Yes, you’re not interested in anything he’s saying it’s fake news.”

“That’s so awkward it’s awesome”

*makes soft motorcycle noises during a scene*

“Do you know what oil is?”

“I’m not funny”
“You mouthed off to Luis Munoz!”

“You know when you have that Beveridge in your mouth and you don’t know whether to go out or in”

“You spelled beverage wrong”

“She didn’t die, she graduated”

“If you get rude you get food”

“If you weren’t twelve, I’d bang you”

“Do you know what mail brings?”

“Look at how pitiful and pathetic she looks”

“How am I gonna oppress the proletariat now?”

“Do I need my parent’s permission before visiting”

“No one ever wants to boop me”

“Let’s go jump the Elephant’s Graveyard kids”

“I am going to snatch your weave”

“He’s cute, he’s French, he has a pocketknife and a thousand dollar gas bill”

“You just spiked a touch- scored a touchdown”

“Can you read Asian?”

*Indian accent* that’s a little racial

“It’s not a phase, mom. I AM French. Oui oui.”

“Someone’s weave is seriously in danger of being snatched”
“Please don’t snatch my weave, Mr. Hertel.”

“You can say that suicide’s weak but you could never do it. It’s fucking hard.”

“In a world… where straight men are few and far between…”

“I put the pro in procrastinate”

“There’s my uncle skeletor. Good morning skeletor.”

“I wanted to go get dinner but I guess I’ll save her from human sacrifice”

“The best form of government is theocracy. specifically western Christian theocracy”

“Skeletor stepped on my feet”

“I’m bi-gangsual”

Some people are like, “Oh, stereotypical accent!” An accent is an accent. If there were jokes written about the accent, then that would certainly be harmful. But there aren’t jokes written about it. It’s not even talked about. It’s just a fact of life: immigrants have accents. Making the choice to have that is a way of not watering down the character and making it politically correct. It’s choosing authenticity over safety, and I think that’s bold. The people who are going to laugh at the alleged stereotypes are the same people who are going to laugh at their Chinese waiter in the restaurant next door for very coarse, uneducated reasons.

Thoughts and Observations on Until Dawn’s First Person Prototype Version

So I’ve been watching this video with the newly-uncovered prototype first-person version of Until Dawn that was original going to be a PS3 Playstation Move game, and I of course have some thoughts and observations about it. Also for people who don’t want a watch a 42-minute video you can just read this, since i pointed out most of the important stuff lol

pictures and commentary under the cut!

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