Asian Wall Art Sets

Link: OneDrive | SFS [Sanjay Patel]     
Link: OneDrive | SFS [Japanese]   
Link: OneDrive | SFS [Chinese Tarot]    

Three new sets of Asian Wall Art, shown on a tall-size wall, consisting of:

• 13 (one not shown) images of Hindu gods by the artist Sanjay Patel from his illustrations for the book Ramayana, cloned from a BG picture  
• 9 (one not shown) casual ink-on-fabric images of various treasures from Nippon, cloned from the GP02 Spa tapestry
• 24 images of Chinese influence from a deck of tarot cards, also cloned from the GP02 Spa tapestry (Side Note: The images have not been elongated to fit the scroll. They were already stretched to create a dream-like quality. All are high-resolution, and would be excellent for screenshots)

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