Before a press conference in front of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul’s Jongno district, volunteers from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions distribute flags with an image of a unified Korean peninsula to be used by supporters during the Incheon Asian Games, Sept. 17. ( photograph by Kim Seong-gwang, Hankyoreh


South Korea defeated Thailand 2-0 to advance to the gold medal match of Asia Games. The Taeguk Warriors will face North Korea in the final on 2 October in what will be the second time the two countries have faced off in the tournament’s final.

It is a match up that adds a new shade of meaning to a tournament that is defined by the promise of military exemption for the players should they win gold. Irregardless of that, the rivalry between the two countries had tendency to produce tough, well fought matches and so we should be in for a good final.


Want a bit of good news to start your Friday? Well South Korea beat North Korea 1-0 in an emotionally charged Asia Games final that went all the way to extra time. This is the first time South Korea has won the tournament since 1986 and also the first time two teams from the same generation have earned military exemption (2012 Olympic team being the other).

All photos from KFA’s Instagram.

Concept art for a Japan inspired level in my personal(what if) over the top hack n slash video game.

While the massive city of Jonada and town of Ridgewood are in the future real world and act as explorable hubs, you go into these worlds much like you would in Mario/Gex/Persona/Psychonaughts, These levels are not meant to be a specific period in time or place but more the collective leftover memories and nostalgia of the world, so weather, time of day, ect may change drastically as you proceed through them. The idea is to carefully weave between nostalgia and surprise.

This is the forest path a little after the start of the level


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