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The Game fuckin’ kills it on this cut.

Carol Of The Bells (Asia Bryant Rmx)
  • Carol Of The Bells (Asia Bryant Rmx)
  • Asia Bryant
  • Christmas In Asiaville


This isn’t Destiny’s Child’s Beyoncé’s Opera of the Bells so this already goes against my religion and everything I stand for, but please excuse me and get into this KMART commercial realness.

My Mini Bio

A breath of fresh air”. That’s the phrase most often used to describe Asia Bryant. Whether referring to her phenomenal vocal range, her worldly songwriting perspective, her humble aura, or just the complex simplicity of her records, this Charleston, South Carolina native has managed to be a refreshing change in an industry that badly needs a makeover. But, to know Asia’s story is to understand how she’s been so able to embrace change and thrive within it.

The Addiction - Symphony Crack & The Mad Violinist with two features from Asia Bryant.

This is one of my favorite albums. When i need to think and just analyze life this is what I listen to. Someone once said “Where words fail, music speaks” - and sometimes the best songs don’t even need words. This is a musical journey of battles won and lost. We’re still standing tho.


Asia Bryant- Carol of the Bells

My shit! Thatisall