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You mentioned that you liked K-Pop. What K Artists did you listen too? I stan more groups then I do solo artists. 👌🏻

First K-pop thirst trap: Rain

I had a friend who kicked in my dorm room in China and was like, “Girl. Have you seen this man? He moves his hips in ways he shouldn’t.”

And I was like, “pshttt, yeah right, I dunno about awwll dat-”


And I proceeded to buy every single album I could. I still have some of his stuff on rotation in iTunes.

Second k-pop thirst trap: Se7en

I forgot how I happened upon him. Probably got too excited clearing k-pop shelves and ended up with his shit in there and was like “wait this ain’t Rain… DON’T CARE, THIS IS LIT”

Thirst trap number three: Kangta & Vanness Wu

Okay, so Vanness is Taiwanese but omg he is so fucking FIOOONNE, and I already knew of Kangta, so when they collaborated and released this single I was ONCE AGAIN IN THE STORES BUYING THE LIMITED EDITION ALBUM. I must’ve watched that MV hundreds of times.

Currently, I can’t stop listening to “Good Boy” by GD x Taeyang (and I am not ashamed to admit that I have envisioned the Chocobros singing that shit. Because I’m TRASH).

Outside of men, lemme tell you also who my girl mains are:


Fave songs by her for me rn is Eat You Up and Hurricane Venus. I can’t not repeat those once a day, LOL


That whole MV and song is life.

I’m nowhere near as involved in the k-pop world as I used to be though. I think I just dabble and reminisce a lot, lol!

Study Like Asian .

“No matter how good you are there will always be an Asian better than you.” Ever heard this before? How do we accomplish this? This post is going to talk about various ways we Asians strive to achieve excellence in the field of academics. While this all may sound a bit extreme it is what we do.

Study as soon as you get home.

As soon as you get home , have a quick meal and immediately start studying. Don’t start laying around the home with your mobile and/or laptop. Our brain is already in a frame of mind of studying and our way from school to home acts as a break.

Set Goals

Know what you have to accomplish that day. Note them all down. Have them in front of you the entire study session.

Study until you drop

Breaks ain’t a concept in our vocabulary. Start studying and keep on studying until you are completely drained. Then take a break. Every time you feel like taking a break push yourself for 5 minutes more. If you still need a break then take one.

Have reference materials

Studying from one source can get really boring. Research about that topic and keep on finding out more information such that your studies and answers have enhanced a lot.

Write things down

You will rarely see an Asian who types all in notes. Especially if he is studying in Asia. Writing everything stores stuff in your memory more than typing it. So while we may have a lot of our assignments to be done on the laptop at the end of the day we return to our good old notebooks and pens.

We study for exams keeping in mind what can be asked

While studying for exams we keep our exams in the forefront of our minds and study according to what will be asked in the exam. We try our level best to predict what’s going to come in our exams.


The backs of buildings by CandyOwlGirl

SM’s Reaction to Tao’s Black White (AB) MV

SM: *Watching MV* This is good! This guy has got talent! we should sign him! This kid could be a star! 

Staff: Uh We did sir. 

SM: *Looks through collection of of overly perfect idols*

SM: Where he at?

Staff: That’s Tao

SM: Towel?

Staff: Tao, That whiny Chinese kid that use to be in Exo.

SM: Which one?

Staff: The one we never gave lines

SM: Still too many choices

Staff: He did martial arts

SM: WinWin?


Staff: Wait you know who WinWin is??

SM: Nah never heard of him I just made up a name out of thin air right now

Staff: Right

SM: Anyway find this kid! I’m forming a new boy group where they’ll be sub units at every grocery store in Asia. He can be my next Kai/Taeyong!

Staff: Really?

SM: *snorts* No, I’m just playing! You said he was Chinese so I’ll just add him to my list of abused and overworked foreigners. He can be background member #10! 

Staff: Do I have to?

SM: I have a better more beautiful version of you incubating as a fetus in our idol labs right now. Do it before I tell them to hatch it early

Staff: Fine

SM: *goes back to MV and sighs* Man I can’t wait to build up his dreams then waste his talents


Untitled by 埃德溫 ourutopia


“I went into a drug store in Asia and my face was on the side of all these boxes for this Asian hair campaign that I did. I just kind of stumbled across them and was like, ‘Looking good, girl’ but I couldn’t understand what the box said. I’m hoping it said good things.” - Nina Dobrev photographed by Olivia Malone for Flaunt Magazine // (December 2016)