asia newson


At just 5 years old, Asia Newson became an entrepreneur and sold homemade candles, and now she’s empowering young girls to be their own entrepreneurs. Now at the age of 11, she’s organizing coat drives and aspires to become the President of the United States one day–and with her work ethic, she’s likely on her way.

Her aspirations are an inspiration, and we should encourage children to have philanthropic ambitions, no matter how impossible they might seem. Children have no concept of limitation, but if they do, they sometimes have the strongest will to overcome the adversities. 


Your future president America: Asia Newson

This 11-years old girl form Detroit started at 5 years of age a business called “Super Business Girl” that teaches kids how to become entrepreneurs and sell candles. Her spirit is the most refreshing thing I have seen ever, I believe her and got so excited when she said with the biggest smile she wants to become the president of the USA. Yasssss Asia, and thank you Ellen for being the best thing on daytime TV since Oprah.