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The day Kun is officially announced in a NCT unit is the day I’m dropping to the ground and crying for hours :’)

Unusual Herbs

Recently, as I was reading through several books, I came across quite a few ingredients that I had either never heard of or was unsure of their exact nature. While the herbs compiled below are not necessarily “unusual,” they are ones of which I did not have extensive knowledge. Hopefully this list can be of help to anyone new to the craft, if not at least interesting reference material. 

Also known as “devil’s dung” due to its foul smell, asafoetida is a type of resin derived from a perennial herb native to Iran and Afghanistan. Today, it is mainly used as a powdered seasoning in India, as it tastes like garlic or onions when heated. Its magical powers include exorcism, purification, and protection. Careful when storing, as the odour may contaminate nearby herbs. 

Also referred to as “snake weed,” bistort is a flowering plant native to Europe, as well as North and West Asia. Its long flowers are different shades of pink. The American bistort (or smokeweed) has white to pinkish blooms. This plant’s magical uses include psychic powers and fertility. When combined with frankincense, you can improve physic powers, aid in divination, or drive out poltergeists.

May be called “sweet flag,” “sweet rush,” “sweet cane,” “sweet grass,” “sweet root,” or “sweet sedge.” A type of wetland plant, its magical uses include luck, healing, money, and protection. The powdered root can be used in healing incenses and sachets. Use caution, this plant may be carcinogenic.

Of the two species listed in Cunningham’s Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs, one is native to the eastern parts of US and Canada, while another is native to Eurasia and Northern Africa. Cinquefoil has blooms that can be white or yellow and leaves looking similar to those on strawberry plants. Its magical uses include money, protection, prophetic dreams, and sleep. 

Sometimes called “wild vanilla” because the leaves, when crushed or dried, produce the scent of vanilla. The leaves can be used to flavour tobacco. Native to North America, this herb grows pretty purple florets, and it is this attribute which leads some to call it by another name, “blazing star.” Its magical uses are lust and psychic powers. 

Lesser galangal (Alpinia officinarum) is native to China, while greater galangal (Alpinia galanga) is native to South Asia and Indonesia. May be referred to as “chewing John” or “Low John the Conqueror,” this herb is a member of the ginger family. Its magical uses include protection, lust, health, money, psychic powers, and hex-breaking. If galangal is not available, ginger may be substituted. 

Grains of Paradise:
This peppery-like spice is native to West Africa and, along with galangal, belongs to the ginger family. Its powers include lust, luck, love, money, and wishes. While holding some grains of paradise in your hands, make a wish, and then throw a little of the herb to each direction, beginning in the north and ending in the west. 

Careful, this plant is poisonous! The flowers of “cherry pie” or “turnsole” can be white or purple and have the fragrance of vanilla. Garden heliotrope originates from Peru, while common heliotrope is native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. This herb can be used for exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth, and invisibility. 

Most commonly used as an essential oil, niaouli is a type of tree covered in papery bark from the genus melaleuca, of “tea tree” fame. Niaouli oil is made from the leaves and twigs of the tree. Though native to Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and parts of Australia, it is considered a weed in the United States. Appropriate for use in a “protective” oil blend. 

Another essential oil, petitgrain is made from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, thus giving it a woodsy, citrus scent. This would also work well in a “protective” oil blend. 

A flowering plant with waxy, white blooms and leathery leaves, the particular species “Madagascar jasmine” is popular in wedding bouquets. Its essential oil has the magical property of friendship. 

Sometimes referred to as “golden buttons” because of the appearance of its flowers. It is native to Eurasia but invasive in some parts of North America and is toxic if ingested. Tansy can be planted to repel ants, and magically, it has the powers of health and longevity. 

This plant is native to southeastern Asia, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, northeastern Australia, and parts of Polynesia, but was introduced to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers and greatly utilised there. “Ki” in Hawaiian, this plant is also referred to as “good luck plant.” Its associated deities include Kāne, Lono, and Pele. Magically, ti is used for protection and healing. Green ti planted around the house creates a protective barrier. 

A richly scented, night-blooming white flower native to Mexico. Tuberose absolute is true tuberose essential oil, while others are synthesised for the scent. If the fragrance bouquet is all you need, you can create this with the oils of ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, and a hint of neroli. Magically used in love-attracting mixtures. 

Strongly scented, herbaceous plant sometimes referred to as “sweet woodruff,” “master of the woods,” or “wild baby’s breath.” Commercially, dried woodruff is used as pot-pourri or moth deterrent, but magically, it is used for victory, protection, and money. 

This is an announcement from Universal Music Taiwan. Apparently there is some manufacturing problem of reputation. Taiwan release date is delayed. (Magazine 15th Nov. Standard CD 24th Nov) it says this will affect other countries in Europe and Asia as well. So I am guessing Hong Kong release date will be delayed as well. In the past eras, Hong Kong used to manufacture our own CDs and send it out to other countries in Asia. This time, Hong Kong is importing from Germany instead of making our own… So swifties from Asia and Europe may not receive their physical copies of reputation on time. This will affect worldwide sales…

I am so disgusted and angry at the fan who threw a glass bottle at yixing 😡😡😡?!?! Do people not know that THROWING glass towards someones HEAD from a DISTANCE can KILL or SERIOUSLY INJURE the person?!? Honestly, this boy did nothing to deserve this hate. I hope yixing knows that even if some off the fans in Asia may dislike him, he always has his xingmi’s (esp the international exo-l’s) who love him unconditionally 💗


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Don’t Worry, Everything will be okay

Hello I know I haven’t posted in a long time but I thought now would be a great time to post this message.

I know this is quite a sensitive topic but I would appreciate if all my followers of this blog would spread this message.

Recently on the News there has been a lot of talk about a possible nuclear war that could happen in East Asia. Many people who will be travelling to South Korea, Studying in South Korea, Moving to South Korea, are scared of what might occour in the upcoming months and even years. 

Since I have been studying Korean for so long and watching a lot of South Korean news I have seen a huge pattern over the past 8 years regarding North Korea and South Korea.

I and my other friends (who are in fact from South Korea) really think that western media and main stream media are over reacting to what is really happening.

If we look at the activity within South Korea today, we can still see that live is continuing as normal, and people living in South Korea, whether it be foreigners or actual citizens are still going to work, taking their kids to school, getting married to Koreans or other foreigners. 

Why is this? because this has all happened before, in fact a lot of times already.

About 3 years ago North Korea issued a warning that all foreigners should evacuate South Korea because there would be a war. Did the war happen?…No

Did foreigners evacuate? No…well not that I know of.

Yes North Korea has fired a missile over Japan, but North Korea are not stupid.

North Korea know that if they go to war that South Korea, Japan, and the USA would beat them before the can even say 시발. (Sorry for my cussing).

If we look at the whole of East Asia all countries except China, and North Korea. (Russia is not apart of East Asia) are all democratic societies

The end of North Korea would mean that China would be the only communist country in the whole of East Asia and people may start demanding democracy within China. Of course China does not want this so they will continue to stop North Korea from going to war.

If the peninsula went to war that would means huge refugee problem for China.

China really do not want this at all, so therefore they would stop North Korea from even dropping a nuclear bomb over South Korea.

So please do not be worried about what you hear on the media. America and other western media have discussed the likely hood of war in East Asia for many many years so please do not pay attention.

If you want true facts go ask South Korean people, or watch South Korean Tv.

This is my own conclusion and my own thought, I wrote this to calm the minds of people who are planning to live in South Korea in the future, or wish to travel to Korea, or even thinking about studying in South Korea in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

- Taebin Kang.