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EXO Wins 4th Consecutive Disk Daesang at 31st Golden Disk Awards!

EXO won their 4th Daesang of the year at the 31st Golden Disk Awards, winning the ‘Disk Daesang’ for their 3rd Album ‘EX’ACT’. EXO has won the Disk Daesang for 4 consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

EXO is the most decorated Artist at this year’s GDAs, winning 4 awards.

  • Disk Daesang
  • Disk Bonsang
  • Digital Bonsang [BAEKHYUN & Suzy]
  • Ceci Asia Icon Award

Congratulations EXO! May 2017 be even better and bigger!

Naru and Pumpkins: The Conundrum

I’ve been sick lately, and last night my mom cooked one of my fav soups. The main ingredient reminded me of Naru, and I remembered @vzyfny​’s question before. I had someone else look up the word (for some reason I forgot) on my copy of Eugene, and I think there was a bit of misunderstanding on my part. 

On the Western side of the world, when you hear pumpkin, you may think instantly of this

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Prima lettera. Mancanze.

Sai Asia,
Da quando te ne sei andata penso che ogni cosa sia diversa: nel colore, persino nel sapore.
Mi preparo una carbonara e penso “ma la pancetta era così buona quando stavo con lei?”. Ecco, sapendolo ora rideresti di me.
Mi manca, il tuo sorriso.
Mi manca tornare a casa e avere qualcuno che mi abbraccia, che mi aspetta, che mi fa dimenticare persino le giornate più storte.
Mi manca il tuo profumo, mi manca quando stavamo sul letto vicini e incrociavamo anche le gambe, come se avessimo paura di perderci, paura di svegliarsi e non trovare più l'altro, come se non ci bastasse mai, come se volessimo unirci.
Mi manca toccarti i capelli, sfiorarti il collo, la tua pelle così bianca, i tuoi occhi meravigliosi.
Mi manca il tuo modo di prendermi in giro su come a volte pronuncio le parole, mi manchi tu che sapevi cosa volessi senza bisogno di dirlo.
Mi sento uno stupido, da quando te ne sei andata.
Un libro senza la pagina finale, una frase senza senso, un disegno incompiuto.
Mi sento a metà.
Un cuore a pezzi.
Magari se te lo dico torni, o magari sono solo uno stupido (sì, so che l'ho già detto, ma spesso sento il bisogno di ripetere le cose più volte).
A volte ti scrivo e devo fermarmi perché ho come l'impressione che se continuo qualcosa dentro di me si potrebbe spezzare. Devi sentirlo, il mio respiro, assomiglia al singhiozzo di un pianto, e quando parlo di te le parole non escono più, non emetto suono, sembro un bambino spaventato con gli occhi lucidi.
Cosa posso fare? Come posso distruggere l'ultimo pezzo di cuore che mi è rimasto? Perché lì dentro ci sei tu, e a volte ho il pensiero egoista di riprendermi il mio cuore tutto per me. Non potrei mai.
Non potrei mai e poi mai lasciarti andare, anche solo un pensiero di te. Ti tengo stretta a me nell'anima come si fa con i bei ricordi.
Anche se fa male che siano passati, anche se fa male che tu non sei più qui.
Mi manchi, non ci posso fare niente.
Il dolore più grande penso che sia quando la vita ti rende impotente: vedi scorrere le cose, accadere le situazioni, senza la tua volontà.
L'uomo è solo un essere a metà, una goccia in balia del mare che è il destino. Veniamo sbattuti di qua e di là, siamo felici poi tristi, troviamo e perdiamo speranze ogni giorno.
Eri la mia più grande scelta, e ti ho persa.
Non mi perdonerò mai.

Tuo, Andrea.

i hate how….other poc get specifically mentioned like latinx and indigenous australians Or Whatever but for People Of Asia it’s just….asians. as if asia doesn’t comprise over half the world’s population. 4+ billion people. id forgive ‘east/southeast/south’ or whatever asians but just asians? like lmao we all know you’re just thinking of the pale skinny e asian people from japan and korea and china when you say asia may as well just make a post saying “i’m a fucken racist!!!” in large blaring letters



Location: about a 2 hour taxi ride from Chiang Mai city center (included in price)
Duration: 8am to 6pm including pick up and drop off
Price: 2,400 Baht (about US$70)
Note: The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary currently has 3 camps, with one of them being “Paradise Park”

The van pulled up to our guesthouse around 8am, as we piled into the back of a pickup truck with 4 other sleepy westerners. As we continued on, we added 3 more people into the pickup and stopped for a bathroom break. I’m glad I used the bathroom then, because the ride to the sanctuary was absolutely terrifying with us slipping and sliding all over the mountain. Did I mention that there was no shoulder to fall into? We could literally see right over the edge of the mountain. The truck in front of us kept getting stuck, leading to a 3 hour truck ride just to get to the sanctuary. Talk about an adventure!

Did you know: elephants cry to clear their eyes of dust and dirt (just like us!).

Anyways, after we finally arrived (safe and sound) we all donned the villagers clothing we were given and listened to some house rules. Then we were ready to head out to meet our first two elephants! The first two elephants we met were a 12 year old male and a 25 year old female. We fed them bananas and sugar cane and then watched them do some tricks! The 25 year old danced for us and gave us wet, slobbery kisses :)

Did you know: elephant penises are huge (I know because I saw one haha).

After they we ran out of sugarcane and bananas (the elephant even reached into one of the staff members bags to grab some more bananas), we were on to the next two elephants! These ones were age 65 and 3. The 3 year old was just like any human 3 year old, playful and couldn’t sit still! He didn’t care for the green bananas and would even spit them out if you tried to sneak them in his mouth! The grandma was very slow moving and loved you to get close and hug her. We also got kisses and hugs from the baby :)

Did you know: elephants eat 30% of their weight a day!

After meeting and feeding them, it was time for our lunch! This was a buffet of Pad Thai, chicken curry with rice, and vegetables. We had Oreos, Beng Beng bars, coffee and tea also. It was delicious and fueled us for the mud bath that was coming!

Did you know: elephants place mud on their backs to help cool themselves off.

Ah the mud bath… You will get coved in mud, there’s no way around it. Please wear black or something you don’t mind being permanently stained by the clay. A lot of girls wore bikinis but I stuck to a sports bra and running shorts (and I’m glad I did, as Norma witnessed the elephants poop in the mud). With that being said, if you have any open wounds, please tape them up before you come and disinfect them afterwards! The elephants seemed to have a blast, spraying us with mud and tossing it all over themselves, as well as rubbing up against the wall of mud. The baby even closed its eyes it was so relaxed. After about 45 minutes, everyone was ready to rinse off in the waterfall.

Did you know: elephants are pregnant for 2 years!

If we thought the elephants loved the mud, they loved the waterfall even more. The 3 and 12 year old elephants even fully submersed themselves by laying on their sides! They also sprayed us some more, and we fed them even more! Did I mention that there was a photographer taking photos of all this? No need to worry about your camera getting wet or muddy, he takes great photos and puts them all on Facebook! Here’s the link if you want to check out all their photos:

Did you know: elephants live to an average of 70 years.

Sadly, that concluded our day with the elephants and started our 2 hour decent down the slippery, steep, mountain side… Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive! This was an amazing day and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat :)

Note: These are incredibly intelligent animals who are kind and love to play. Please please please do not go to an elephant camp where you ride them. These “camps” usually beat the animals and chain them up. Not to mention that riding the elephants hurts their backs and they usually have lots of problems later in their lives. Do your research and support a foundation (or “sanctuary”) that rescues these animals and takes care of them when other camps leave them for dead. Well worth the 2400 Baht to know that these animals are taken care of and relatively happy :)

4th Generation KPOP (2012-2014)

Here’s a list of some of the leading Kpop idol groups from the 4th generation of Kpop.  (By the term leading, I mean they are still active in 2016, hold a notable fanbase, and have been recognized publicly for captivating talents/performances). 

B.A.P (January 2012, TS Entertainment)

EXID (Feb. 2012, BANANA Culture)

NUEST (March 2012, PLEDIS Entertainment)

BTOB (March 2012, CUBE Entertainment)

EXO (April 2012, SM Entertainment)

Hello Venus (May 2012, Fantagio Entertainment/Formerly PLEDIS)

Vixx (May 2012, Jellyfish Entertainment)

100% (June 2012, Top Media)

AOA (August 2012, FNC Entertainment)

Fiestar (August 2012, LOEN Entertainment)

Ladies’ Code (March 2013, Polaris Entertainment)

History (April 2013, LOEN Entertainment)

BTS (June 2013, Big Hit Entertainment)

Bestie (July 2013, YNC Entertainment)

Topp Dogg (October 2013, Hunus Entertainment)

Got7 (January 2014, JYP Entertainment)

Berry Good (May 2014, Asia Bridge/JTB Entertainment)

Mamamoo (June 2014, Rainbow Bridge Entertainment)

Laboum (August 2014, NH Media/Nega Network)

Winner (August 2014, YG Entertainment)

Red Velvet (August 2014, SM Entertainment)